Who am I?

My name is Jude Hill, I've been blogging at Spirit Cloth   for many years now.  You can read more about me over there. You'll always see a  link up top if you want to visit. Or follow.  Or maybe you came here from there and want a path back.

What is Feel Free?

I felt the need to free myself from the ugly feelings of competitiveness and greed in this crazy world, so I decided to offer a lot of my  classes and techniques and even ideas openly, free or free enough for all to use.  Feel Free is simply meant to be an open resource in the form of an index to support and organize my ramblings on the blog.  A blog, by nature, is a journal, it gets tangled over time.  Especially after so long.  I wanted to cluster thoughts and methods, even some of which were not part of the blog at all.  Connect the dots, that might give it all form as a tool for learning.  The site will grow slowly as I sort through and publish old content.  Please know that everything here simply represents my approach to doing what I do and in no way represents the only way, just what has worked for me.  I feel it is important to document that.  To share what moves through me. 

Is Everything Free?

Most content here will be free,  and then some of it free enough... as need may dictate.   After all, lets be straight,  a woman cannot live on thread alone.  Although, I've been practicing.  

How long will I be doing this? 

As long as I can.  One thing seems always to lead to another. 

So, I am, in a way, simply telling a story.  Sharing how it all moves through me seems  to help others begin.  And keep going.  Somehow, I became a teacher by being a storyteller.  And that has brought me peace.
Thank you for visiting.

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