Because of some recent curved seaming experiments, waves are on my mind.


The flow

I have to do this.  Let the thoughts flow.  It's the inside story.


A sudden expression, a wave might be that.

Being might be a wave form.

I added some cloth to the story.  To help me decide.

Or Maybe.  I will stitch the wave forms?

And I have new thoughts about the book.  They have no recognizable form yet.  Thoughts come in waves.

Another sense of through


  1. Joanne

    In the tree person to the left- the inserted black and white now looks like an eye next to a large nose. Seems to have something to say. Perhaps he wants another eye?

  2. Sharon Koch

    I see the outside circle as a womb: planet earth, a magical place, of land, air and water. The cloth waves rising like blue seal-like creatures. The sea sees. Thanks for taking us inside your head, sharing your notes ‘n drawings… It’s one thing to watch a wave and another to ride it. Surf’s up!

  3. debgorr

    Yes, waves as part, not separate. I think that has actually been more of my experience as I’ve spent more time on the water than on a beach. To me the wave is created by something impacting the surface, starting the motion, continuing until it comes into contact with something or runs out of energy. I like thinking of this. 🙂

  4. Henrietta

    I do believe that our thoughts and our days are designed for rambling. Construct and structure have there place but a rambler rambling rambles is just more better fun.

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