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Just to say ...  AUDIO-Small Journeys Continue

Small Journeys Continue

Thinking today.  I suppose small loose bits of cloth have become the most dear to me.  To rescue and make useful has just grown into a way of life.  I could say the same about thoughts.  This class,  well this journey,  is part of my gathering of moments in my own history of making.  It might sometimes be a review and then sometimes a few more small steps in my process.  Because there is always going.  Until there isn't.

Let me just clarify my own language system here.  How it is that I define small cloth.  When I need to explain.  My PATCHWORDS.

Collectively they are the most basic components I work with. They all  quite different in character but they all  fit together in a way,  becoming in themselves some sort of personal symbol for natural order.





I always want to explain that my process is never static.  That my perception of making and creating and even expressing is a kind of rocking process.  Never focused on the thing as much as the change it is subject to.  Maybe simply appreciating the beauty in that.

So I have clarified the PatchWords I will be using.  And I might want to take them one at a time.   Each kind of  loose component is developed and used differently in my work.  And overtime they become  their own language system.  Helping me tell my story.   For now,  just gather some scraps.  No agenda really,  except to use what you have.  I will be back  Friday  to talk about scale.   To try to clarify what I might mean by that.



IN General

Just a few notes about  this series.

I will be adding some things to the home page, like a resource list and a place for news.  I think most folks got here ok.  A few  latecomers will be expected.   I plan to post  2 times a week in the beginning, probably Monday and Friday.  We'll see how it goes.  I usually announce  new class content in my blog posts at Spirit Cloth, if you are subscribed by email, you will see those. Subscribing to the Newsletter here will be just general news about Feel Free.  You might always just stop by here to check in once in a while.  This is a slow go, no rush.


  1. Marie-Christine

    Just a little hi !
    Come back from 2010 where I lived with your lessons for some months… Fresh start with you for spirit peace after traveling in life with different textiles projects.

  2. I can’t tell you how much it pleases me that your patches have only to be “considered” to shift category. I think I focus so much on resolution, or end use, or The Plan. But maybe I should give myself a little space and allow considered fabrics to be starting their journey and trust the story to tell itself.

    • Leslie Alt

      This opens up a brand new world of design concepts for me. I checked your YouTube video on how you put the puzzle pieces together as a 9 patch and am thrilled at the possibilities! Thank you for making the 4th more enjoyable.

    • jude

      it is a tool, considering, then reconsidering. it is the basis for transformation using thought, perspective. it’s powerful.

  3. debgorr

    Realized that this gives terminology to how I’ve been organizing. I have some big scraps from clothing of course. 🙂 Thinking a lot about the contemporary boro class a lot right now….making more clothing.

  4. Deb V

    I appreciate the explanation of how you use the scraps…that you may use them as is or cut them to a specific shape. I know that seems a simple thing but I’ve tended to create a rule for myself that I need to always use scraps as is or tear it into a smaller shape. I haven’t really allowed myself to use a scissors to get the shape or size that I need. I think the gift these sessions are giving me is the freedom to “go with the flow” rather than setting up arbitrary rules that mean little to anyone but my own rigid self. For that I am very grateful.

    Oh…and the other gift is that you have such a soothing voice that it is very calming for me to listen to the audio clips and watch the videos. After a stressful work day, I come here to relax. Thank you for creating this space.

  5. Henrietta

    One piece that has always puzzled me is that little diamond in the middle of the base piece that was the beginning of magic cloth 2 and how it got to the center of the bigger patches.

    • jude

      ok then, let’s get to that one, i thought I had shown that one way back, but maybe not. one of my first puzzles.used it for my son’s baby quilt.

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