The Simple Offering

Dear Ragmates,

I am making this post as the year closes. After a year that was in no way easy.  After all the time that has passed and the issues that have made things harder than usual to be here, I have decided to continue anyway, no matter how small my going becomes.

How hard it is to pause these days.  I can hardly remember.


I wanted to make a video.  It is harder for me these days. There are many reasons, but mostly I think I am just getting older.  My skills are rusting.  But then, also, my mood has been so strange.

And some  small health issues.

longer days are on the way

So on this Winter Solstice Day, here is where I am.  I just sat with this one because it is about season and change and going and holding and self and selflessness.

I recorded this yesterday when I added the heart. heart

The white stitches are guides, I stitched over the pattern underneath from the back so I could bring the pattern through somehow, maybe.

Just wanted to be here today, and thank you for listening. Some pause and I will be back.

I will file this video under Skitch Skatch in the glossary. Eventually.


  1. Carol Rookstool

    Your fearless stitching is beautiful to behold. Thank you for the video and for those welcome words, “so I will continue.”
    May the new year bring you good health, interesting projects and happy days.

  2. Please, don’t stop, I don’t need the quick fix. I love the way you teach!

    Yes, when we take action we change the form! Love that you said this, because I’ve been thinking about this a lot this year. Someone told me no matter what you do, do something, take action, you don’t know what will happen, the only certainty that you’ll have is that something will happen.

    Thanks for your video here <3

    • jude

      I get very discouraged lately, I think just a sign of the times… but maybe just going is a kind of teaching, even teaching oneself…

  3. After an exceptionally hard week for me, I am finally here and it makes me feel so much better. 🙂

    I am thinking about how when I train teachers I tell them not to help the children as they learn to climb, as they lean into the fire pole, building up the courage to try. But rather to be there to support them and “spot” them and let them do it. If we help them, they don’t build skills, they don’t learn persistence. We steal, or mute, their joy when they finally accomplish something they’ve set an intention to do. This takes the time you speak of. Thank you for being the teacher you are. To imagine possibilities is the greatest gift…. Much love.

  4. Gail

    Thank you. Do not think of this as ‘teaching’ but observing and absorbing. I love it and wouldn’t have it any other way. Happy Holidays. Relax and come back to talk to us. Thanks again. With love

  5. Beth from Still Life Pond

    I love the way you teach, showing what you are doing, what you are thinking. I took an online class earlier this year, offered by a fiber artist (whose name I’m sure you know.) The class was full of very specific instructions. I got bogged down in the specifics, rules, and restrictions. I ended up feeling rebellious, uncertain, and frozen and did no stitching at all for several weeks. I kept thinking about the contrast with your methods and decided why would I ever go anywhere else to learn. Love to you and the other ragmates on this journey and very deep gratitude.

    • jude

      Probably I know a lot of names, old fart that I am.
      I guess some prefer a rigid framework. I get nowhere with that.
      I guess I am just curious about what is in my head and what form that might take. I figure everyone has a lot already in their head. Waiting.
      Happy holidays to you.

  6. Helen Lee

    There is a reason that yours are the only online classes I have ever taken.
    You teach exactly how I’ve always wanted to be taught…slowly and thoroughly and with humour. What’s the rush I’d like to know!
    Love you Jude Hill…lady of Spirit and Cloth.

  7. Jacqueline Palmer

    Dear Jude,
    Peace and good health to you and your kin in 2023.
    2023= 7 : I Ching hexagram….it is the right and proper time for you to rest and recuperate, to draw yourself inward to relax.

  8. Ah Jude, my dear one…I would venture to say that anyone who visits here regularly is quite fine not getting a quick fix…is a slow traveling companion. I would venture to say that you are one of the most Velveteen People I know…and I would also venture to say that when act out of generosity, with our hearts to the wind…it does indeed change us, for the better. Happy Solstice to you this Winter night.

  9. Thank you for being here, for being vulnerable and showing your heart, and the gift of this class. How you go about being you and doing what you do will always change, either a little or a lot. And it’s always enough!

  10. Corinne

    Thank you for the whole year of sewing, mending, designing, working with technology, quilting, your garden, your photography, for chopping wood, observing nature, your trees and wild animals, Soul-O, thinking, and finding new ways to think about going forward in peaceful ways. Your calm presence beautifully informs my every morning and I thank you for all you do with and for us.

    With gratitude – Enjoy a peaceful rest.

  11. hermosa

    You are a soulful, rich and deep human who has impacted me in subtle and bold ways. I am enthralled with your abilities to create meaning with cloth and thread, but most of all, your voice, your choice of words that express how it is with you, what you are noticing in the world and within yourself, well that is the most treasured part you have offered me.
    I love the Dark, this time of year. The need to slow and notice and settle with our aging bodies. Side by side, all us Ragmates, carry on. I’m sure you never meant to be a leader, but a leader you are, because you are brave enough to say what is so for you at any given moment. And if you can, so can I.
    I love you Jude.

    • jude

      I remember when I worked in textile design. One of the first designers I worked with was Perry Ellis. Do you know who he was? Anyway, he was brilliant, died of AIDs very early on, but he asked me a question about a color combo and before I could answer he said, don’t tell me what you think I want to hear, tell me what you feel. I will never forget that, nor the privilege of having met him.

  12. Velma Bolyard

    i think how brave you are to show your hands doing the work that really is hard, especially if you don’t know if it will work, despite hoping it will and applying all your haptic knowledge to the task. explaining that you have to stitch and stitch to get anything worth stitching (my interpretation). but honestly there aren’t glib easy answers to going deeper and richer in the work. no one can believe how long it takes to weave/stitch a small cloth/piece. i was asked the other day how long it takes to conceive, etc, and make an artists’ book. my ressponse was ‘my whole life’. i think you know cloth from the inside out and the outside in.

  13. You’ve taught/shared how to be with cloth, to have a relationship with it… and along the way it translated into ways of being with and having a new relationship with myself. Thank you, and much love. 💙

  14. sharon

    o jude, “sitting beside u” in this video, my spirit sings. and yes, imagines what’s possible. it makes any thing “seam” doable! have a joyous, peaceful pause. x

  15. You’ve described your teaching method perfectly.. showing me what is possible. Lucky for me I learn very well your way, and make it my own as I go. This was a lovely video. I think you are an excellent teacher.

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