Test page for Patchwork in Perspective- part 1

It's time...

This page has been set up to test password and media access ( audio, video and pdf).

Obviously if you are here, the password has given you access.

The posts for this series will be blocked from the public.  The password is issued for who attending the series. Comments will be open but participating is not required.

Posts might include audio, video and pdf media formats in addition to photos and text. Below are examples of those media formats.  To date I have had no issues with the formats not being accessible. Please try  all 3 examples.  No need to contact me if everything is ok.  If you experience issues or have questions, contact me.



Audio is a big part of how I share. This is a test for the audio player here. Please try listening. Hopefully you will have no problems. No need to contact me unless you have problems.




Video is a big part of how I share. This is a test for the video player here. Please try watching. I use YouTube for video hosting because it is free and mostly everyone is familiar with the format and has access. I try to keep my videos short and to the point.

If you do not see the video displayed here or have any issues, please contact me. if all is well then ok. No need to say.



Maybe this one is louder?

There is too much glare in this room, I'm going to move to the studio soon.




For this series I will be adding PDF documentation to my presentation. Journal pages and extra notes. Stuff like that. This will allow you to download or print content, if you wish.  Since this series will remain available, you don't need to keep the pages but sometimes it can be useful.

I created one simple sample page. Just to see if you can get to it. You might try to download or print it.  Or maybe you already know about these things.

PDF- page test

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