Talking page #6 simplify=free-er


what is self image?

(I printed my digital play to make a page, get it on paper.)

one can be enoughSo simplify.

self image

What I might be moing through

what might move through me.

Just to say, that these audios are free form, not edited and I don't always say what I thought I would say. It is a freeing of self in the moment.

This page will be added to Talking Pages, in the glossary under T.

feel free


  1. Beth from Still Life Pond

    Love that masking or cropping technique. How interesting the cat shape could work over anything. I learned something similar in photography, looking through two right angle pieces of paper to isolate the image. One of my teachers used to say remove anything that doesn’t need to be there.

    • jude

      oh yes, that cropping thing, I took a photo course in art school. And there were cameras and real film!
      and it is funny how need changes from moment to moment. Composition is so fleeting.

  2. Love this so much… the last with the background simplified and yet still complex. The words too. Words for me are suggestions, starting places, whether they are written or spoken.

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