Many thoughts. Resting.


The Face of Struggle

I've struggled to bring this figure  out of the cloth.  Oddly every picture I take seems a bit blurry.   I think it;s the silk, it flows even when you think it is still.  I could say she is actually moving but  I don't really want  to trick you into believing that. It's fun but not as important as using what actually is to amaze .

I also struggle to be clear.  But it doesn't always work.  I think conversation can help with that.   So often we just take sides instead.

Audio- Trying to Say

This place is meant  to be unpolished.  Unedited.  True to my thoughts without agenda.  Feel Free to say whatever.  Or not. For those of you who are so kindly here,  this place will become my blog eventually.

The Spirit of Determination

Something ancient has emerged here.

There is nothing new about connection.  Or Spirit.

The Spirit of Determination  aka  Worn but not Worn out.

(I"m Naming the moment informed by the moment before)


reminder of lightness


  1. rambling is, to me at least, the only way to get as close as possible to ‘a truth’ , it’s thinking out loud, it’s trying to put into words that which is almost unutterable
    I guess what I’m saying is your rambling makes perfect sense

  2. hermosa

    I feel so comfortable here among this group/tribe, ❤️, listening to this conversation today is comforting and feeding me.
    What Henrietta said about the 3 graces/fates was a spark, what Jen said “Interwoven like cloth, we gain strength in each others determination to carry thru”. I’m interwoven with all of you and all of Life. And you Jude are a Lighthouse.

just share what moves through you...