Many thoughts. Resting.


The Face of Struggle

I've struggled to bring this figure  out of the cloth.  Oddly every picture I take seems a bit blurry.   I think it;s the silk, it flows even when you think it is still.  I could say she is actually moving but  I don't really want  to trick you into believing that. It's fun but not as important as using what actually is to amaze .

I also struggle to be clear.  But it doesn't always work.  I think conversation can help with that.   So often we just take sides instead.

Audio- Trying to Say

This place is meant  to be unpolished.  Unedited.  True to my thoughts without agenda.  Feel Free to say whatever.  Or not. For those of you who are so kindly here,  this place will become my blog eventually.

The Spirit of Determination

Something ancient has emerged here.

There is nothing new about connection.  Or Spirit.

The Spirit of Determination  aka  Worn but not Worn out.

(I"m Naming the moment informed by the moment before)


reminder of lightness


  1. rambling is, to me at least, the only way to get as close as possible to ‘a truth’ , it’s thinking out loud, it’s trying to put into words that which is almost unutterable
    I guess what I’m saying is your rambling makes perfect sense

  2. hermosa

    I feel so comfortable here among this group/tribe, ❤️, listening to this conversation today is comforting and feeding me.
    What Henrietta said about the 3 graces/fates was a spark, what Jen said “Interwoven like cloth, we gain strength in each others determination to carry thru”. I’m interwoven with all of you and all of Life. And you Jude are a Lighthouse.

  3. Dakotah

    I see experience in their eyes. Real life experience. They have seen many things and experience has changed and formed them. The lines connecting indicate how they have all shared this, they have weathered storms together.

  4. Henrietta

    The 3 graces or fates. Really like the fates as related to Cloth. The Fates were personified as three very old women who spin the threads of human destiny. Their names were Clotho (Spinner), Lachesis (Allotter), and Atropos (Inflexible). Clotho spun the “thread” of human fate, Lachesis dispensed it, and Atropos cut the thread (thus determining the individual’s moment of death). Love the name Clotho!

  5. I love your effort to bring this figure out. Your determination is very moving to me. Also your reference to something ancient. It’s a longing and also a satisfaction of that longing. Your stitching makes it possible for me to stitch.

  6. Yes , it’s getting real now. Spirit as determination . (She has spirit ) it is a brave act. And also profoundly moving for me to be here, a gift, Amongst these multicoloured threads of our lives (sorry English spelling).
    Each time I listen there is more to find. Thank you

  7. The words ‘essence’, ‘truth’ & ‘the heart of’ came to mind while listening… which I could do all day. Beautiful blendings of threads & thoughts.

  8. Jen NyBlom

    Interwoven like cloth, we gain strength in each others determination to carry thru. Your words seem perfectly clear to me.

  9. I like the way you give form to your thoughts and the spirit within you constantly connects with your stitched pieces…. where yet another spirit, or two, is formed…. there is so much energy in this stitched cloth… so beautiful….

  10. Sharon Koch

    The beauty and delicacy of this piece is almost overwhelming. Change in one figure immediately affecting others is profoundly seen in how you’ve affected all of us. Your determination to continue sharing in the midst of personal chaos is taking you (and us) deeper into truth. I find your thoughts crystal clear. Pure. “Love” has been maligned, marketed and misinterpreted into something sentimental, glossy and hypocritical. But for me, the essence of love is conscious, creative, intentional giving for the good of the whole because it cannot do otherwise. From my perspective, the “spirit” in your cloth is love.

  11. deemallon

    I love how much rich content you manage to share at times when you’re “rambling” Always many take-aways but this morning what popped out was this: “it’s about how many things are actually real.” Yes! How defining a statement that is.

    On a weird personal note, I have been obsessively applying cremes to my under-eye area on one side, because it is pink and itchy.

    Also: of course she looks weary…

  12. I love how the light behind lights up the stars.
    I think you’ve captured something in these faces that those of us who deeply love the earth recognize. Yes, something ancient. Something with determination. A stoicism, steadfastness. It has been wonderful watching this take shape. They are so alive to me at this point.

  13. “The compelling thing about making art … is the moment when the vaporous, insubstantial idea becomes a solid there, a thing, a substance in a world of substances.”
Audrey Niffenegger ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’ 2003 (p274)

  14. Jillayne

    I think faces bring the energy of character to life… and when you look on them, you see that life and all that has been learned from it held within their expression. A kind of continuing through knowing, not in spite of it? Spirit as a choice?
    I love these posts of yours, Jude, you make me look and you make me think.

  15. JJ Foley

    Such beautiful shapes and colors…and to me a soothing reminder that we’ve been here before, we will come through these difficult times and experience more magic and innovation. Patience.

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