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Patchwork in Perspective

Part 1 - Thought Catching

Introduction to Patchwork in Perspective (a nine part) Series 2019 - 2020. Hosted online on private pages, password issued with sign up.  No forum. Audio, Video, PDF.

Price: $35.00 or what you can handle , honestly.

Start date: April 1, 2019

End date: May 30, maybe, who knows?

Requirements: Eyes, Ears, Thoughts, maybe pencil and paper. (Interaction not required)

Enrollment has been closed for now in order to get the series started.  Enrollment will open again on April 15th for those who want to work on their own or play catch up.

It would be helpful for me if you follow the instructions below because I do not always receive notification emails for PayPal.

Step 1 - Donate (NO RUSH) using the support link in the sidebar or top menu bar here on Feel Free.  If  you would rather snail mail, make a check or money order out to Jude Hill and mail it to:

Jude Hill       PO Box 387    Centerport, New York   11721-0387

$35.00 is my suggested price but I will accept whatever you are able to contribute.  If you are unable to contribute, or need some time,  exhale and skip to step 2.

*If you are a rolling  contributor here or have already donated this year, I am willing to give you credit for that, use the comments section of the contact form to remind me.

And if we have already made an arrangement, skip this and fill out the form below anyway and remind me.

Step 2 - Send me an email.  You can use the contact form  below.  Please fill in the appropriate info.

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Step 3 - Be Patient. I will be in touch soon enough with your access information.