Overlapping Fields

The idea of a Field in composition is big.
Then, though when we consider how they might touch, interact, that becomes even bigger.

I have used a circle in many ways for many reasons,  but a while back I used it as a way to divide and define a space in an existing composition,  filling it with stitchbecoming a field of stitch.

Today I am reconsidering  the overlap and how it might be used as a transformation field.  And then considering, or asking myself really, What if it isn't circles?  And hey, shall  I... we...play?

Some folks might see clothwork as more precious,  maybe for the time it takes?  So why not paper then?

Note to self,  is why not the same as what if?

just stiched to see the overlapping fields

So this one,  not really a project or anything,  just a base,  just a playground,  just a handy thing to have around really because no real plan is there and I find it handy and also quite enlightening when a stray thought might just be a layer added to anything.  Just to see the two things together,  with out a desired outcome, just to see.  It doesn't need to BE anything.  Just for the going.

Already, you can see the eyes that formed, That is what I saw.  Not the first time, but this time documenting thoughts more clearly.

Eyes,  so then a story is built when I think, OK, when fields (of vison, could be looked at like that) overlap,  new eyes emerge.  So this is quite swell. and quite a useful symbol maybe for sempathetic evolution.  Have I lost you yet?



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  1. “Without a desired outcome.” In one moment, even with cloth, that feels like an exciting trip outside my comfort zone to learn more and to be more. In another, so intimidating. Looking back, however, the best option is almost always the trip.

  2. Circles- connections, softening, holding. Swimming in your thoughts and how they touch and stretch my own. Ideas of estuaries floating through. Have been wishing that I was better at finding words to talk about my own making. Listening to you helps to better understand myself, thanks.

    • jude

      Imagery may come seemingly without thinking initially, but thought is a layering process. It builds form. It took me a while to hear the voice in my head and even then, more time to translate it. And then more time not to feel free to say. It really is an unspoken language that develops in the background. In trying to explain, I helped myself follow my own thread. And lose the fear to share.

      • Yes, some of this is happening. Still mostly feelings, with a few words, not whole coherent sentences yet. Something to work towards/look forward to. oxo

  3. Catherine

    Happy to overlap here on a late Friday afternoon. These thoughts feel new to me. I’m interested in change, transformation, so considering it all with care.

  4. Helen Lee

    Lost me! Read it again, and found it! When you said it could be you and me, (overlapping), I thought how some of your thoughts would then be in my head and it blew my mind! 😃

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