On the Edge of a Journey

Stay Small

Be Puzzled .  Probably that would be my biggest advice

In life. In Art.  For me they are the same.

Audio-Be Puzzled


The Puzzle.  Form.

Comfort on the edge…

Standing back, big looks smaller


The looking.

I am standing back, looking at this week's stitching.  What seems like a larger  piece is then  looking smaller, more like, again, a loose patch.  I take the time to wonder,  how does this fit in?  The energy is in the question.  I like to stay there.

What seems perhaps unfocused and detached from  my original path,  it's actually not.  I let my self ask again, Where might this fit in?  Maybe it might simply  broaden my vision,  the picture is always bigger than I can contain.

The seeing.

keep at it

This is just photo play. I just cut and pasted to piece the images into one.  Still a patchwork.  Only to see the influence of touching.  And the form the question might take.  Sometimes this leads me forward .  Sometimes it changes my path.  Sometimes it changes my  mind,  it doesn't matter.  This time it simply reminded me how small I am and  how big the picture might be.  How one thought might lead to another.  How sharing that, the uncertainty, might help others be comfortable with questions.





  1. deemallon

    I am catching up. A little out of sync. Deciding that’s okay (because I know it would be to you!) You remind me of my art teacher mother in this post — how you/she could and do push away the dross and reveal creativity for what it is — our birthright, a big open field. thank you for that. The difference between questions/curiosity and problem-solving — says it all, in a way, doesn’t it?

    Love your striped shirt and the march of B&W checks on the rug as you talk about the cloth with the overlay. And I can’t wait to apply an overlay to a bunch of seemingly disparate components or to a cloth in progress that has been set aside, wanting!

    • jude

      gosh, you know, more and more it becomes my goal not to make the thing but to live in the place that gives birth to it. I think we should write that birthright into the constitution ! ha! it’s nice to have you here, considering.

  2. Shelly.

    Hello Jude! When you do the wrap stitch “flags” (they remind me of prayer flags) on the circle, are you using 2 strands of floss or something thicker?

  3. Marije

    I had to catch up some Posts. I started a new job… question, puzzels, enough to think about, zen… we go on a trip to China, so I want to prepare some cloth puzzels to bring along…. i would like to join part 2 and 3. Do i need to send e-mail?

  4. So interesting — I have a piece that I am a little stuck on. I can’t see what happens next. But maybe instead of looking at the stitched part, I could look at the space around it and wonder what happens there… Attach something new and see what comes of it.

  5. I learn so much here: it is not the goal to answer the questions but to live with this not being sure. It made “pling” in my head!
    Thank you. Looking forward to part 2 . Love

  6. Martha

    So loved this post. So much connection. I am so much an introvert and yet feel some companionship here. Making and thinking.

  7. I love the idea of making a lot of loose patches that may combine into something someday. It takes some pressure off. Although I have to say the stories revealed to me while working on my “three-beings” piece in Part 1 have been so rewarding. I’ve received more from that piece than any work of art I’ve made before. Your instruction in thinking has helped so much!

  8. Henrietta

    Tell me did this post make me cry. ❤️ All those cloths. Ditto about where I’m commenting. Now I’m feeling like a technical dodo

  9. Cheryl Fillion

    It’s exciting to see how small scraps become part of a stand-alone piece, then through questions how that piece becomes a component in a larger piece, and on and on. It makes me feel that, yes, I may actually be able to make a robe or a duvet cover someday! Loved the whole overlay concept, too.

  10. ravenandsparrow

    The asking of questions implies openness to unexpected answers and juxtapositions, which is where the gold is found. Your comment about seeking answers that make you feel clever shines a light on flip side….the vulnerability that is needed for true curiosity. I sometimes experience a kind of crustiness in the questions I ask and find it hard (scary) to be as open as I think my work needs.

  11. Dale Odberg

    I might have just had an epiphany,,I intensely listed and watched this video and thought life is like a magic carpet ride but that did not settle in right, then I thought ooh, my life is a patchwork, the seams sewn so that they can be seen, colours and textures give experience and interest, soft and pliable for comfort and strength.

  12. grace

    the goal is not to answer the question, Questions,

    there was a surge of urge to go find the Magic Diary Cloth…..could i?
    i did. it IS here,
    i’ll go hang it in the trees today

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