If you know me, you know my love affair with Nine.  As of this day in time, I have not taken the opportunity to gather all my thoughts about nine in one place,  they would fill a book.  So for now, here,  I would like to mention 9  just as a multiplier.  9 as in 9 times.  I will be adding 9 to my glossary,  those words underlined in red,  soon,  because I will be considering Nine soon in the Thought Catching (par1)  segment  which is the exercise that is helping me build a documentary of my Spirit Cloth Language.  So soon there will be more about Nine here as well.

Anyway, my personal approach to the what if process,  as it has evolved over time, is try things 9 times.  Nine times always seems to be enough times, not too few or not to many,  enough times to understand, and get me to the next step.  Or even to decide to leave it behind and move on.

So Nine Times is like giving something a chance.

I might consider it a kind of Brain Storming in action.

small 9 times

Practice expands experience.


I don't look at  9 times as boring practice. That is exactly the same thing over and over.  I like repetition.  It reveals the many ways.

I look at  9 times as many small journeys.  Path is always optional, you might still arrive at the same place,  but your experience will be enhanced.  Practice can make things personal.  Bring clarity to a technique.  If it's just for the going.

AUDIO-9 Times

9 Times


creating a place for focus...


The Frame OF Mind  Block  goes back a bit, I have only recently, like just this morning,  named it Focus.

The idea is mixed in with idea of context on the blog, but this was the post where I named it.

I will obviously have a lot more to say about it.   As a frame, a window and a tool for composition.  It is part of an evolving  personal sense of composition and I use it in many ways.  Right now I suggest you might make one, or 2, or 9.  So we can play.

Nine minus 1

Patchwork might be a way of seeing


  1. Lou

    Although im familiar with 9 as a constant in your work, i found that last video really thought provoking, loved how the white nine appeared pure but fractured – maybe fluid – as it lay at odds across the larger 9 patches beneath. 9, although an odd number, it evens and balances, settles the question somehow. Thanks Jude, great to see all your fabric options arranged and rearranged, i bet each one of us would come up with different configurations.

  2. Sharon Koch

    Happily playing in the sandbox here… This frame of mind block is an amazing tool. The piece framed in the bottom pic sends me. Those curves within the fabrics coming together and the empty square speaking of infinite options. The calming neutrals. “Starting somewhere might lead you anywhere.” YES. A great book title! Overdyeing the backs of fabrics expands the possibilities. Interesting how our thoughts do that. “I use all my misfits eventually, I love them the most.” A God thought. Not giving up. Setting aside and coming back around. Repetition is revelation-ary. It seems in the practice we can find our story, if we keep our “frame of mind” open…

  3. Helen Lawless Lee

    I too turned from a smile to a wider and wider grin of delight, as I watched your love affair with 9

    I’ve kept to 2″and 3″ over the years of following you. I don’t remember ever trying that cute 1″
    I shall do so when we get home. Can’t wait to play ♡

  4. Lois Kent

    I was looking for the post that shows how to do the stitch to connect the small one inch squares into a nine patch. Maybe you haven’t posted that yet.

  5. Pam S.

    I’ve always enjoyed hearing your thoughts on 9! and your treasure box of 1″ square is a feast for my eyes 💙 I gravitate towards the smaller scale too.

  6. June-Etta

    I really like the idea of trying something nine times as a kind of Brain Storming in action; it does seem like an excellent number of times to get acquainted with something new. Thank you.

  7. Maria

    I have so many fabrics with prints on them… I love the subtle colours of the whites and greys and the colours achieved from dyeing fabrics myself rather than buying them. Therefore I have realised that I have changed my focus on fabrics. I wondered if I made a quilt top with the printed fabrics and over dyed it with indigo to see if the fabrics could be not so “traditional patchworky” and bright, if that makes sense? Or donate them and build up a collection of fabrics that are more in line with my appreciation of natural fabrics. Just thought I would share that with you 🙂

    • jude

      I like over dyeing cloth before I make the patchwork, maybe mixing different types of fabric together, solids and prints. have you ever tried using the backs of printed cloth, i love the sketchiness and muted looks than can happen. sometimes you can use small bits combined with solids colors.
      i remember switching my focus years back, i started noticing cloth more and asking everyone i knew to save their old clothes.

  8. Kay

    lots to consider here. will have a go, Can’t wait to see how my clumsy fingers cope with the 1inch components! Thanks Jude – lovely class.

  9. “So we can play.” The moving around of pieces just enchants me. I’ve been in one inch world for a few days. You just moved me from arithmetic to quantum physics by putting the one inch nine into the three inchers.

  10. Sue Facherty

    Looking through your nine frame as a way to crop ~ noticing the calm within the clutter of thoughts and things. I appreciate that.

  11. carroleb

    Mind expanding in those simple variations, wonder full…I am resisting 1″, feeling challenged, so I may need to do some to move past the block of the 1″ block

  12. grace

    i fed the Goats, made yet one more tea and here you are….you and the Nines, and i watch the video
    my smile grows into a grin and wider and wider grin…oh how you love nine…your hands…moving them
    around are dancing

    • jude

      I like to play with scale, even the changes in thought that occur with the sense of it. These days 3″ seems big to me. But then also 3″ might be too big if you only have small scraps.

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