News Part 2

This is just a place for  News  

to keep you updated, since I am in the middle of finding and relocating to a new home.

And I also change my mind a lot.

July 8, 2019

I just created this page to keep you informed of general news  related to Part 2 SMALL CLOTH.  You might check in here when you come by.   Posting to class might be a little scattered  because of my life/move situation but I should be posting new content  twice a week.  The plan is Monday and Friday.  Probably late in the day. But that will vary.  New content is always announced in my blog posts at Spirit Cloth.  And those posts are shared on My Facebook page as well.  I will also post links to new content on the private Facebook page   starting this week.  If you submit a request to join that group, be sure to answer the questions so I might validate your membership to class.