Loose Words in Fields of Patch

This will be my last post here folks.  My camera s malfunctioning and the move is upon us.  Time is short and my going will need to be  focused on things not related to cloth. Except the packing of it.  I will finish this one and make it a giveaway here.   If you are interested just put one word in the comment section. Maybe one word that comes to mind.  Loose words are grounding and they are often another form of loose patch that I use in my work.  Too tie thoughts together.

I will pick a name when it is done and I will be in touch...

Maybe you can hear the echo in this video, happening because the studio is now empty except or my wood tables and my computer and a basket of scraps.

I've been adding to the puzzle blocks post, this piece was part of that, but I am putting it here because it seems now,  an old confused me, trying to say thank you and goodbye for now.

Somehow the focus slipped and the camera fell into SloMo in this video.  I accepted it as a sign.

I just added that loose face, in the spirit of floating.  I feel a bit like I am watching myself.  I leave you with one word for now.


I like the word poof,  the magic in it, how it could be an expression of  disappearing, or , at the same time, appearing.  Just how it all is.


loose words

I will add this word to the piece.  Eventually.  I wrote it in pen first, I always love the shadow of the line left behind when  I stitch light on light.

So I will get the word Poof in here.  Gosh, maybe I will even name it that.

audio- heyho

Here's to the little things...

Thank you...





just share what moves through you...