Loose Faces

AKA Stray Emotions...

Loose patches  have evolved over the years.  The loose face especially.  I talked about faces and creating them as components way back in Patchwork Beasts.  To review, the post is here.

These days,  I tend to use a face more like a layer.  A layer of spirit  or consciousness.  I lean toward the loose sketch on a loose scrap,  loving how they peer out at me from the scrap basket as I sort through.  Reminding me  of the amazing array of moods that pass through.  How much face might express a passing moment.

everything has become looser...

just talking


"Put a Face on it"

How much this layer changed things.

Faces are  both fun to create and at the same time, meaningful for my compositions.

The loose patch  might be anything, but faces help me tell my story.




  1. grace

    love these…just to have, like friends. I had a little collection of ink on muslin…i have no idea
    what happened to them…the idea of using the silk…so great…even if i keep not wanting to
    stitch the lines.
    I am so happy you are here…am missing your Energy from day to day….

  2. Sharon Koch

    purrfect timing. ready to breathe life into my 9 newly-pieced fish. especially love the use of sheer fabrics with facial expressions. seems to capture the essence or breath of spirit. layers of reality connecting. such a pleasure watching your gentle interaction with cloth ‘n hearing your ongoing thoughts. you seem “lighter” now, with a simple basket of scraps. xox

  3. Thank you Jude! So much to think about and consider here. I love the possibilities, the potential, this opens up. I’m deep in the process of personal change/transition at present and have realised that it is a process that actually never ends. I think capturing little fleeting, stray, emotions may help me see it all a it clearer. I hope your move is progressing smoothly and well and that you are doing OK. Much love to you x

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