Just.  I say that a lot.

Sometimes it is a small word, seems to make less of something.  But really it is a big word. Just. It's life itself.

Just stitching then.

I did a bit more stacked running stitch.  I like how it will bring clarity to the edges of the figures, and in a way seems another layer of waves in the background, adding depth. It's going slowly. I am using up the blue threads in the thread nest. All my other threads are packed.

Things here are getting out of hand so  I am here today only to say this one will be a giveaway, even tho I am still working on it..  If you want your name in the basket, just leave a comment here.  I will pick a name at the end of the month, before I move.



  1. Karen

    I just want to feel your work under my fingers. I hope some day that will happen. The evolution of your work still fascinates me. Hope your move is moving along.

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