Catching Thoughts by Just Going

When the



the "Thing"

(above) The Snail was my first travelling companion, shown here between the lion and the elephant.  Following the patchwork path. One patch at a time.

There is a lot more to say about Thought Catching that might be part of Just Going. Sometimes a thought is just the first step that might not be noticed.  Taken not because of agenda or expectation, but only because  there is a place we might go.  Not because we have to go. Because we need to go.   I'm not sure why, specifically, you are all here.  I know some of you but not all of you.  You all probably know me a little bit at least.  The question is where do we/you need to go?  I've been moving  in a certain direction for a while now but  I think I've begun to  change direction,  circling  back ,  so my tracks might  mark the rim of  a  big basket,  which might hold all of my  comings and goings.  Like loose patches waiting to be rescued... recycled.

A full circle.  I sense this is just the natural order of things.

Story has just been added to my glossary.  I have so many thoughts about story that I would like to put here. Explain. Connect.

Story might be a journey imagined. A daydream, an aspiration.Or story might be a journey revisited. A memory, a regret.

But story is really always unfolding  in the moment. And we might just realize where we are in it.   Just Going, being present and sharing,  that's what carried me into what I call Spirit Cloth style. The Spirit of Going. That and the connection with others.  The form that emerged seemed uniquely mine not because of any particular technique but because it  was the process and not the thing that moved me.  The form emerged without agenda through the problem solving process. Openly.  Technique simple became.  So my work IS the journey, the story of the making, not the static thing itself. And sharing has become the story.  An example of how it might go.

In the end I fee that has true value for others. It's food for thought.


I cannot record right now, although I have so much to say... I think I will wait until later and add  some voice to this post.  Just stop in, it'll be there...Some BIG construction going on next door.  Instead I stitched this.   I call it a pairing.  Two scraps connected.  Just that.  Sometimes I do this with small pieces, just to make a bigger piece to work with, and throw it back in the basket...often pairing scraps of close colors so it's like one scrap of blue-ish. You'd be surprised how handy these rescued bits are.  Connections make things useful.

I left some space for talking here. And I also placed a menu of April's posts in the sidebar here as a test . Still patching this thing together, trying to see what might work and wear well as we get rolling.


Much Later... Early morning, early morning rain,  a bit of whispering, I am sorry if the sound is a bit muffled or low.  A man was sleeping and  it was before coffee.

audio-connecting thoughts

connecting thoughts


  1. Karen

    I wanted to add that I really appreciate the quality of the photos of your handwork. On my lap top I am able to zoom very close to see your stitches so clearly. Very beautiful! Thank you.

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