January 17th

or looking further

Or not.

I needed more room.

Today, in between is a kind of alignment. Often, in between is nothing. And there is discomfort in that because we are so attuned to "thing".  For me at least.



past, present, future as a page

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To align might simply be adding context.  Expanding the view.  Including more. Perspective.

what's moving through me? or me moving through it?

time as a part of composition.


  1. jeri

    “You can change everything simply by thinking about it”

    I wanted to scream, HOW TRUE! My mother used to call that Perspective and taught me that I could always change my perspective and get a new outcome. Words of wisdom.

  2. A couple of years ago, during a course, I learned that creativity is found in the space-in-between. Ever since, I think about this daily. Not just in the textile work, painting etc. but also in life. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by life’s forms and then I have to remind myself that creativity/freedom is found in the space-in-between.

  3. Carla

    I love your change everything statement. It brings me back to another I saw a couple years ago and it stuck. If you want to change your life you need to change your mind. Now I have two! Thank you for everything you do Jude!

    • carroleb

      Feeling into the in between place.
      Perhaps between 2 things there is a middle path, not yet walked or seen.
      The secret sits in the middle…and knows
      Lots of “in betweens” coming in from these thoughts.
      Thank you for the prompts, as always

  4. Liz A

    “if you can document that in a visual form” …

    interesting to note: as I do crossword puzzles these days, answers often come in mental images before the actual word floats into my mind

  5. sharon

    “…to document thought in visual form…” clarifies the journey for me. and to imagine myself as the main element in the design… super helpful. and the disappearing dot… poof! i replay today’s talking page over ‘n over as i sit here, weaving. to re-mind myself of what’s real. thank u, jude. x

  6. I think that I am living the ‘in between’ right now 🙂
    Love your birds, must get back to drawing.
    Love your red check mark (for some reason)
    …and hearing your voice.

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