A Thought can become  an idea.  It depends on how much time you give them.  How much time you spend on them. I talked about holding thoughts before.  I often repeat myself.  because the same thing seems to make sense to me at different points in time.  So it's just reconsidering, see how the words form again.

  audio- ideas



The struggle is something to love.

audio- keep trying


  1. Jen NyBlom

    Love the honesty and raw unedited feel of your video musings–it’s as if we are all standing within the same thought, or space; same room at the same table, just discussing thoughts and processes…and this is what I love. <3 xoxox

  2. When we make a thought into an action we wrestle with something outside of ourselves and open our minds. Ideas are no longer just imaginings tangling up the garden of our thoughts. (I love the butterflies holding hands image and thoughts as seeds ). Cloth and I work together to solve the problem

  3. Sharon Koch

    i see thoughts as seeds that take root when we hold them. they begin to grow like jack’s beanstalk, taking us on adventures we never imagined. the points on your star appear to be 4 butterflies “holding hands”. i like the darker rectangle inside the center 3″ square that seems to be part of the background. it creates a sense of movement into the distance, like looking thru’ a window.

  4. love how you catch your thoughts on the fly & record it! often when the dreamed of thing starts going awry and strays from the original concept it’s in the letting go that the piece gets a lot more interesting

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