How a thought might take hold

A little cobblecloth to start.  I took time out yesterday, to take this one, above,  off the wall.  Because as I caught a glimpse of it, I caught  the opportunity to express a new aspect of Haven.  Inspired by the group here and some previous thought about how there is always something moving through place.  Making space for that makes it more.

Thought Catching.  Thinking is unavoidable.  But catching the thoughts is a habit.  At this point, I can't help myself.  I just do it, even in my sleep.
Thinking is who we are.  Thoughts caught are a way to share that.  To communicate.   Art is the attempt to communicate.  That is my simply take on it.
The attempt to communicate by giving external form to thought. So let's begin.

First, I want to say Thank You.  I can already see that doing this will help me.

Next. I want to say something about the words underlined in red dots.  You see them right?  They are part of my thought catching process here.  Because you see,   this place is that.  A Thought Catcher.  And this series, even more so.  I've only just begun really.  If you hover  with your mouse or click (depending on your device),  you should see  some information pop up  that is related to  a glossary entry  that I need for my book and also a tool for me to develop my  Spirit Cloth Language..   I am currently building that   by just going.  Eventually it might be quite grand.    It relates to my own considerings and symbols and redefinitions...   and grows out of my thought catching process. There is so much to gather.  And I think each day after  considering this and that I will add to these word references.  And so it will evolve.

I chose Patchwork as a theme for this series.  I want to catch some thoughts about that to begin... and I am interested in yours as well.  I will share some of my reconsidering tomorrow.  But for now,  I'm curious, so what if I throw this question out there?

When you hear the word patchwork, what do you think of first?   I think I thought of  quilt before any reconsidering.  Do you?  I mean with out any deep thought.  Patchwork. What does it bring to mind?


  1. Sharon Koch

    A children’s story, “The Patchwork Girl of Oz”, comes to mind. As a child, I slept in my grandma’s bed under a patchwork quilt. The tiny pieces of fabric with pictures of snowmen ‘n animals were like bedtime stories… fairytales… forming a magic carpet. Patchwork takes us somewhere else. It reminds me of an old, musty steamer trunk. A way back to a simpler time. When I hear the word, “patchWORK”, I think of the “stored (storied) energy” it contains.

  2. Deb V

    I think of quilt….specifically a crazy quilt my mother sewed by hand and I slept under until my family’s circumstances dramatically changed. I still have the quilt but have stored it away to protect it from more wear. But I’ve been thinking about it a lot of late and thinking of taking it back out and sleeping under it again on cool nights. Sadly, none of my siblings children ever had a chance to know my mom and haven’t ever expressed any interest in her, so I don’t know that I have anyone to hand it down to. So I have no reason not to enjoy it myself all these years later.

  3. Nicola

    I am late to this question. Maybe I am a product of my mum and dad’s wartime years, but patchwork makes me think of poverty. And a mum looking after you, trying her best. Sorry to be mundane but it’s the truth!

    • jude

      I love your answer. yes. it is about that. and it is so amazing how that has been overlooked. especially how trend has glorified it and distorted it real aspect of making do. but it is also linked to resourcefulness and getting through it. Trying her best. perfect.

  4. Pamela Körner

    Patchwork reminds me of healing the soul. Our lives also exist of bits and pieces, some holes in it, raw edges, a print here and there. The process of sewing them together reminds me of remembering, reconsidering, making a pattern and getting the picture of your own life. The nice thing is: this time you decide where to put everything, what to show and what to hide. The cloth grows, just like we.

just share what moves through you...