Wecome to part 1 of my Final online sharing series

my studio and an April shower.

Welcome to my life, really.  A life in pieces.

As I see it, this series is about more than just cloth.   And Patchwork is the concept I will stretch to hold it.

OK, so I've already changed my mind about the comments, for now newer comments will appear on top.   Let's see...let's see if that works.  What if and let's see if that works is a path forward.

Thank you for joining me.


      • stichr

        oh my, this is exactly how it happened with me. i fell in love with the weaving of torn blue strips you, Jude, so easily make a whole cloth from. i took the class, or one of them, ha, but i couldn’t leave/ weave with just one color. i kept drifting to all those that played well with others. In the end, i found a way that works for me and i will take pix i can add to the IG account, explaining it…somewhat…

  1. Karen Stearns

    Hi jude and classmates. This is fun already. We have begun! I love the pace – slow is so comforting. And, oh my jude, a book is truly exciting. I hope we all can help you with that.

  2. ravenandsparrow

    Dang it, I can faintly hear you coming through my speaker if I turn it all the way up, but it is not clear.

  3. Gayle W.

    A warm hello to old friends and new! The idea of a book by you excites me, too, Jude. And listening to your voice is still a form of meditation for me…

just share what moves through you...