Wecome to part 1 of my Final online sharing series

my studio and an April shower.

Welcome to my life, really.  A life in pieces.

As I see it, this series is about more than just cloth.   And Patchwork is the concept I will stretch to hold it.

OK, so I've already changed my mind about the comments, for now newer comments will appear on top.   Let's see...let's see if that works.  What if and let's see if that works is a path forward.

Thank you for joining me.


  1. Pamela Körner

    I started with Jude and her wonderful free courses on her website, using cloth intuitively. Then I entered a two year fibre art class, learning lots of techniques, new things, keeping rules about contrast, composition, colour. Now that it is just finished I feel drawn again to the beginning…..Life is a spiral. So glad to be part of this!

  2. Olwyn

    So hopeful to join and perhaps catch a few thoughts by hand. I don’t sew very well but I’m always happy while I stitch- and mend. I want to pay deeper attention to heartfull moments as they occur in the steady time rush. Thank you for the opportunity to learn while Spring moves forward here in Victoria, British Columbia.

  3. Feels so good to be part of this venture. I live in Brickhill, Bedford in UK and have made many friends since moving here almost four years ago – however I still like to follow your wonderful Stitching Journey… so here I am! Do not overtire yourself Jude. Love that you’re also writing a book – this is wonderful news and I wish you all the best as you progress with this. Blessings….

  4. June Trezise

    Hi Everyone. So excited to have discovered you Jude and really looking forward to our journey together from over here in Cornwall, England

    • Barbara Inskeep

      So happy to be joining in! Thank you Jude for this offering. Feel fortunate to be in your last online class.😢 But am happy for you moving onward. A Book! XoxoB

      • stichr

        oh my, this is exactly how it happened with me. i fell in love with the weaving of torn blue strips you, Jude, so easily make a whole cloth from. i took the class, or one of them, ha, but i couldn’t leave/ weave with just one color. i kept drifting to all those that played well with others. In the end, i found a way that works for me and i will take pix i can add to the IG account, explaining it…somewhat…

just share what moves through you...