Free Style Piecing #2

I have added this page, which is an excerpt from an older workshop. Small Journeys. You can find it by using the Glossary for Free Style Piecework.

71 - FREE the Piecing

A little home

I stitched this little house base together using a sewing machine and a free piecing technique I learned way back from Tonya.  Free piecing is really just a carefree, non measured approach to patchwork.  It undoes some of the stress associated with it. Mostly it is be done with a machine.  But I soon developed a hand method which I used a lot over the years to create patchwork bases, using up the small scraps I had around. Initially I used the technique to create color blankets of similar colors when I didn't have enough. Mending similar color patches into larger usable pieces.

Free Hand Piecing for reference. ( from Patchwork Beasts)

But This time I was back to the machine for a bit...

Patching a home

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  1. I love this kind of piecing, too. It’s basically the way I learned crazy piecing, though that was always done on a foundation fabric. Lately, because of Deb G’s and Grace’s log cabins, I’ve been thinking how it can easily be done as a crazy log cabin. A wacky spiral outward.
    Also, glue stitching the seams open really appeals to me. I understand the reasoning that folding them to one side might make them stronger, but your way looks good and I would think makes quilting or embroidering at corners easier.

    • i hope you do that…the crazy log cabin…..if i make it, i still intend to log cabin Me the last of the 3.
      After all these years of Love of raw edges, fray, it is a real Trip to
      piece things together “properly”.

      my truest of True Loves is the Invisible baste.

  2. sharon

    using “left-overs” is quite satisfying… whether cloth, yarn, thread, food or whatever else might otherwise be discarded. creating something meaningful with little bits. also love the jigsaw puzzle piecing aspect of it.

  3. Also love this making do approach as it makes it easy to use scrap. Using what is on hand makes it all that much more accessible. Something everyone can do.
    Love the green!

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