so many faces

Faces are important to me I guess.   A face draws me in.  I looked back on the blog,  there are a lot of them.   Probably even more, in the older posts, before I began tagging things.  (Which I should talk about) .  And you might already have seen my post about faces  in the Free Class,  about the  Patchwork   Beasthere.   I only recently  realized  that most of them are me.   I can say that.  All of them.   I always loved the one to the right.   The face has become a symbol, and therefore a component  in my story cloth.  But they evolve,  so I will focus on face/faces a lot,  in Small Cloth.  Along with face-less-ness.

I often begin with eyes.

self, one of them

the magic of a simple eye

Face Storming. Again.

Reconsidering face

You might have to click to read my notes.   Today I am writing tiny.   Forgot you were here.  That's a good thing.   That means I am comfortable.   Not performing.   Not trying to catch thoughts that fit to expectation, but letting them out so I can "look them in the eye" .  I like to imagine them looking back...that we might talk about it all.

Audio - Reconsider Face

I drew the red line on the photo.  Digitally. To remember.

All these loose patches/things/ thoughts floating around,  it takes a bit of work to connect them and make them useful.  Thinking is work, yes,  but that's how things get done.  Was it Dad that always said a little work never hurt anyone?  Connection always softens an edge.  creates the path for one thing to become another.    Face to Face could mean many things.

Patch+Work = Something.

Might Face symbolize something the path to something  shared?


  1. Having some data issues here as well. Catching up in a cafe. So incredible how the white gives life to the eyes. I loved watching that happen. Thank you.

  2. Helen Lawless Lee

    I’ve just spent some time Tuesday, and again just now, catching up…no Internet at home any more. What a treat… Omnibus Jude. Loved every word, drawing, video, thought, concept. Our spare room has been cleared and is now a workspace….I miss the shed I had in the old garden.
    Seeing those eyes come to life with just a couple of simple dots of white is a kind of magic…now singing the Queen song 😃

    • jude

      i’ll probably not have much internet at home either if i move to the mountains as planned. Squeezing it all in while I can.

  3. I love the evolution of your characters as you tell your story…I am still collecting story and visualising using fabric to tell it. That’s fun…and will use fabric soon. The Reconciliation Week stories from the First Australians this week have given me another perspective on ‘connected’ to consider – to culture, family, tradition and the invitation to walk together (be connected) and share our cultures.

  4. Mary

    I have been struggling with the face for my self-patch-trait and finally decided on my most comfortable depiction..eyes closed. I couldn’t get the eyeballs to resonate so I closed them and I was comfortable. We are all so mysterious.

    • jude

      i used to use closed eyes a lot, but i love to play with the direction of gaze. closed eyes are looking inward maybe?

    • I think they are looking forward…together. This week a man told us….We need to know the past so that we can use the present to build the future for our children. He was talking about the importance of our culture in giving us our identity and making sure our children know where they come from and have strong identities to give them strength and resilience. I think these 3 are looking forward to the future together.

  5. minka

    What a great stitching technique!
    When thangka painters (and appliqués) do their work the last thing they make is the eyes…to bring the deity to life.

    • jude

      it works, amplifies the connection to what I am working on. I am moving toward less figurative work and I am reconsidering the impact of these things, how to represent them in other ways.

  6. Face to face is about connection- whether for joy, sympathy, confrontation, etc…you see where you are with the other, let them see you. Sometimes you make each other more, or is it that we see each other & ourselves more clearly? It’s intimate. Gosh, I love mornings when I get to sit & listen & think along with you here…

  7. Sometimes, for me in any case, it’s more of a no-face. Not hiding. Just watching. Life gets in the way and I find just watching helps in staying connected until the seas calm again…

just share what moves through you...