Dot 3

Wrap Stitch in contrasting rows of color.

I kind of like here how the stitched patch extends past the page, making the page bigger than first considered. Making the page more. Unconfined.

talking page 3

This page is filed in Talking Pages in the glossary under T.


  1. jeri

    It’s hard to make videos. I know what you mean, the lighting and staying in frame. We mostly just want to see what you’re up to, and we appreciate you trying. Just do the best you can and forget it.
    The words were starting to come out of my mouth when you said showing the method of going… I love that you do that AND then you said about writing in a book and how you keep trying and it is also something I struggle with too.
    I’m dotting and dotting and dotting some more! 9 dots for you today.

  2. Laura

    So many possibilities. So many i-s to dot in possibilities!
    Audio is nice. Your voice is soothing, and easy to listen to, and so thoughtful.

  3. my mind is playing with dot words today … how being “dotty” was/is a thing … and the name Dorothy, how many people I knew in my childhood with the nickname “Dot” … and how very much I love the dot dot dot of an ellipsis … the perfect way to express how my mind skips around like a stone skimming over water

  4. sharon

    the audio ‘n visual journaling you share here is a PRICELESS gift. it’s what all of us were seeking before we found you. it’s what should be taught in school, starting in kindergarten. so grateful for bruno to have it all available to him ‘n to those who come after him… (dot dot dot)!

  5. I like your idea of making nine of everything to really give it a fair try. That’s the kind of structure I can relate to! I can also relate to the desire to just have a lot of them! When I’m feeling stuck (which is often), writing something down like this journal page helps a lot. I guess I’m trying to say your process thoughts are helping me with my own process.

  6. Jen

    I’m not that “disciplined” in my work either 😅😆
    & Had to chuckle over the “worst video ever” comment.😅
    ( It’s why I don’t post videos much)…a lot of work, too. Whew!

  7. Dee

    Here’s one way you just described process: “I already did it that way — sigh — so I thought let me try something else.” Love that.

    I laughed about the “worst video ever” and thought I’d really love to see it.

    There ARE limits to the utility of chaos.

    Old journals -/ just found an old collage journal, so old the glue has given way in places. I consider these pages bases for new collages.

    • jude

      laughing and delighted with everything you said here. I began with old quilts as bases. A quilt is a kind of journal in a way. A documentary of scraps and days.

      Once yo look at it, it seems not so much chaos after all.

  8. I need parameters sometimes…they are what keep me going. Other times things can just unfold. I think my journey has been knowing which space I am in. What I need. And…there is a lot to be learned when things don’t go as planned. 🙂

  9. Helen Lee

    ‘Throw them around’…dot confetti 😊
    I love that the lines are not straight…makes me think of the bands of Jupiter, and the few little white stitches at the bottom makes me think of the snow caps of Mars….can you tell I’m married to an astronomer! 😃
    I love listening to you talk. I love your videos too, but seeing your photos and hearing what you have to say is enough….and I can always go and visit your older videos at any time. Just glad that you are still happy to share with us all. ❤

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