Go where the Magic is

Hocus Pocus...the magic words spoken when bringing about some sort of change.  A bit about Magic...


And  Focus,  that demanding word  that was used when I couldn't seem to  get to my homework.   Back then I thought it meant one thing.  Not what I wanted to think about.  Sticking with a plan,  feeling guilty  for not  loving what I was doing.   Simply put.   Staring straight ahead.   Not "really" thinking.  But no, focus  can be really thinking.  Distraction a path.



So as I was trying to build a simple stray cat  like I have so often done,  I thought  of anything but that...   My mind wandered to those scraps on the wall.    Waiting to be rescued.   And a couple of  loose dyed scraps on the table.   And I remembered some old  simple exercise in connection.   The Pairings   Some of you will remember.    The concept so embodies my  sense of patchwork.

Patch + work


So ok, better,  this has more of the spirit of the thing.

Fold and Stitch

I use a simple method for this type of  component.  Pairings.  I use it for many other  types of components as well.  You can find it, if you haven't already, under the Methods Index/ patchwork (menu in the sidebar). I'll have a lot more to say about seamed components in Part 2.  I've included the video here. (direct link to You Tube)

The fold factor

There are many ways to connect 2 pieces of cloth...  The fold and stitch method has become my favorite.   Especially this free style.

Audio -a simple seam


...so.  Obviously I played with the photo,  to show what I imagined.  I like the picture itself now,  how they seem  to be celebrating their own birth, from scrap.



Meanwhile... nothing lost

These are still here,  already  evolving...

What happens when you keep at it.  Consider and reconsider with out agenda.  Play. Play with change.  When you love it, what you do.  Loving something,  I guess,   is  loose plan.  You keep at it.

Audio- Playing with change


  1. Sri

    I am inspired to get out the dyepot, well it is always out but empty until needed. Jude, you inspired me to dye small squares with the shapes of the stupa a square, a circle, a triangle, a crescent and kind of flaming drop all of which a man I found on eBay made for me in acrylic. They are fundamental shapes, two dimensional cubes, sun and moon, cone, saucer and well, drop. And resist dyeing which I have found to be imperfect but I find immense beauty and joy in the imperfect. So once Miss Cat (I love cats but can have no more where I now live) is finished I shall return to the shapes. How vital online classes can be and the community which shares a common interest.

  2. Sometimes copying allows learning of the techniques without the worry of what will I design? The techniques can then let you begin roaming about with your ideas and design ideas. Learning is about moving from the known to the unknown…which can be scary but satisfying when you create something of your own…your own style. We all copied our parent’s words when learning to speak…so I don’t mind copying some of Jude’s bits and pieces to better understand and then create something a little different…like beastie looks. I need to remember the bits that are Jude’s and be grateful for the generous sharing.

  3. I love tearing strips of cloth, folding the edges and overcast seaming them together … especially since you pointed me toward deliberately making seams with contrasting thread that shows through to the front. Deb Lacativa’s wild-dyed threads are perfect for that!

  4. Laura R

    Haha! I thought I wasn’t a cat person… until I got to know WAS. I went to SPCA a few times, then found me one.

  5. Joanne

    I think we get in the mode of copying when we take classes and all made the same thing. Getting ours to look just like the instructor’s work. Hard to un-learn that. I don’t like cats- so no reason to make Jude’s cat. But what do I like??? If we don’t use a spirit animal what would we use? I haven’t begun anything as yet. But I have made Jude’s Pages. Lots of pages. I could use one of them to build on–using green scraps.

    • jude

      I suppose it is different for all of us. and what we might use to say something about ourselves ? i use the cat to retain lightness i think, sort of like the concept behind social commentary using cartoons. not serious but then deeper than you realize. maybe just taking the ears off will change them. shall I try?

      • Peggy McG

        So much wonderful helpful information to help me stitch my scraps together without paper and pencil plan as that wasnt happening well for me. And I didnt want every scrap session to end up becoming a little garden scene.. as I will next post on facebook.. This information just opened up many possibilities.. cant wait to play with pairings and foldings and refinement!!

      • Jen NyBlom

        YES!! I think I will write that down….ok, I did! On a post-it. Now it’s on the window above the sink. I will see this every day. Many times a day. What Speaks to us. What Moves us. And we thought this class was about cloth. Ha Ha….WE are the Cloth. THANK YOU, Jude!!

  6. love how some of the best magic comes with trying to catch a fleeting distraction, that glimpse out of the corner of the eye that beckons so enticingly from whatever work is at hand but on the other hand I do love having a big sprawling project to focus & hone the energy

  7. I can understand the problem with copying, it is good to get inspiration from another’s work, but young have to make it your own. For me, cats are definitely not my thing, but your style and method for putting ideas together I like, so I will follow along in my own way.

    • jude

      i think what I have learned from others is mostly that, how it might happen really, it encourages patience with just going. knowing that it is in the going we give our thought time.

  8. so much to take in, I like how you highlight your definition of words, your “seams” gave me an idea, seams-out,
    I have been struggling with something- I have learned so much from you so how do I make it my own and not a copy of you,
    I have a problem with copying big time
    earlier in my life I was constantly copied and I hated it.
    Do you understand?

just share what moves through you...