Forever Considering Fringe

Fringe is the symbol I chose to represent continuing.

It's a special symbol because of its link to the structure of  woven cloth itself.

just rambling  for now.

Blog References for Fringe Category

......... I've posted about Fringe on the blog a lot. Here is a link to the Fringe Category for some examples.

I use a lot of vintage fringe ends.

But I also hand twist.

Twisting fringe is really akin to plying.  The basics of the process is that if you twist two threads in the same direction and then twist them together in the other direction, they will hold together... as they try to untwist they untwist on each other. Hold each other from untwisting.  You can find videos out there on how to twist fringe.  There are even gadgets.  Not my thing really. 

The basics.

At least 2 threads.  Or two groups of threads.  (strips of cloth work too)

Twist each in the same direction till they begin to kink up.

You have to hold them so they don't untwist though, until you twist them in the other direction. Tricky sometimes.

After they are twisted together in the opposite direction,  knot the ends.  You can also just knot and let them twist the other way naturally.

Simplest example I found on the web


Video showing my method, using cloth strips.

Video showing my method, using thread.

horizontal fringe

stitched this time.

Reconsidering the direction of the fringe symbol