Considering Edge

Edge is dynamic

I've been newly focused on frame in part 2.  As a way to focus.  But frame is such a big subject.  Concept.  I added Frame to the glossary, in preparation for rethinking it a bit.  But let me just talk today.   Somewhere in the audio is a strange sound which was just the Man here, testing the speakers of a sound system, before packing them.

Audio-On Edge

The storm cloud has broken the frame in this instance.  Instead of a design decision it seems more like the inevitable unknown.  Which is a component we often forget about.  So I will stitch that down, the simple interruption... be comfortable with it.

In General

Just wanted to say a few things here,  about here.



  1. Sharon Koch

    Just signed up for this class and #2 yesterday. A bit late to the party! But wanted to support your current metamorphosis. It’s going to be amaaaaaazing. Sending much love from California!

  2. debgorr

    Peek-a-boo, here I am. 🙂 Was just reminded this morning of a children’s book called “This is not a box.” It’s about how a box can be transformed…

  3. Sue Facherty

    Listen, learn, repeat. Just what I need to take things in. I play your videos, as they come, on my TV (goodness knows how ~ my man sets it up) Then I stitch while you talk, and occasionally glance up. It suits my butterfly brain. We are content while you take time and space to plan your move.
    May your storm clouds bring refreshing rain to help new seeds grow.
    Mine have brought a hungry badger, knocking over pots and digging for worms!

just share what moves through you...