This is not the clearest photo. It's early in the morning... but I have this on the wall, looking at changes I made before coffee.   I have placed the rainbow of patches back on the cloth.  But this time I have them inside the circle.   Circles and rings have been a focus in my compositions.   But  how common is that?   In a way we do not use circles.   Circles use us.   So all here is in sympathy with the circle.   And I might say it has become the circle of consciousness.

I have also, if you look at the right side of the circle, have begun to  use what I call a stacked running stitch,  something related to Kantha style stitch.    I will add this to the Methods Index eventually,  but I have included a video here.   My approach is rather liquid, using the imperfections of the process to shape the results.   Letting the direction change to what it might be rather than lining the stitches up against a plan. Letting it naturally grow into a holding pattern.

A field of stitch binds and smooths

To the left, a pic of a piece I call  Arising from an inner Warmth in processAn example  of how this kind of stitch can  unify  piecework.  To make more of a PeaceWork.  

I'm wanting to talk about circles.   How a circle can be unkind.  Because that is on my mind.

audio- Circles

The edge of a circle.  the ring, has often been my symbol for safety.  The quest for safety can also  be unkind.  Everything is worth rethinking.

We are relocating. I will be here and not here over the next month, sharing my thoughts when I can.  Perhaps  falling into real journal mode, publishing journal pages when I am not able to handle too much media.  Anyway, maybe a looser schedule.  Come by once in a while and cheer me on.


  1. Kristin Freeman

    So much of this journey with you is finding a way into my work each day. The stacked running stitch is a new love for me. So much of my history with stitch comes alive in the free flowing use of this.
    Much joy in the journey. Holding you in love and light as the big location shift moves forward.

  2. Sharon Koch

    i see your circle has openings all around the outside edge, welcoming whoever would like to join in. for me, circles speak of continuity. and holding hands. a big hug. that’s what i feel whenever i come here. thanks for your faithfulness, jude. xox

    • jude

      love the running/walking stitch because of the way it appears and disappears, there is a magic in that. and the spaces are great when you can use them.

  3. the stacked running stitch is gorgeous. I can see the circle having an opening like a spiral or maybe a double spiral winding in to the centre and then winding back out again. Then it becomes a pathway. mm? spirals…

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