Catching what moves through


A sense of through-ness


I made one other change.

I cut two slits right out side the nine patch base.

To bring the magic ends through to the front.

I thought it gave more of a sense of through...

This also "extends"  the nine.

That thought/ idea is still in my mind.

A thought might just be easily imagined as a kind of thread.  Right?

Audio - What runs through

In general

I am sticking with  the three day a week posting.   Trying to be in between too much and too little.  But still having a framework for show and tell.  Trying to get through it.

I put Part 2. Puzzle Pieces,  in the  Shop,   I will release it  for sale over the weekend.   For those of you here, if you want to continue,   I offer a 10 dollar discount...  use the  code  ragmate at checkout.  If you prefer alternative  methods for payment, read here.

Part 2 will start July 1. Hopefully.

Spell check has stopped working in y editor here at WordPress.  Sorry, typos coming.


  1. The thread tale was mesmerizing. Love how you came to at the end, wondering where you’d wandered off to! The second audio was just the everything in a nutshell, along with the playing you do, which is why your pieces have the authenticity they do. Hope I made sense.

  2. Karen

    You use the word magic a lot. Can you clarify your meaning of the word magic? And why does black and white refer to magic.
    I am just amazed at the way you can take funky scraps of cloth and can create such beautiful art.

      • Karen

        I was away for a few days and totally skipped that post by mistake. Thanks for directing me to it. It really helped my understanding of your thoughts. BTW I am enjoying you sharing your thoughts on how you come up with your direction.

        Years ago I was in an appliqué group with many women and one older lady was new to quilting but not new to sewing. She would always change the project she was working on. Her saying was, “ Make it your own.” She didn’t like objects floating around a block, she added land, and many other embellishments. Watching her work on projects was so freeing. She learned that from someone else along her way and shared it with us….a great lesson learned, free to be you.

    • jude

      I’m thinking , if you wait long enough there is forgiveness in everything. Ha, forgive me for taking so long to respond to that…

  3. I am stuck on the thinking part. “Many as one” with weaving, I love that, Jude. Something else to think about. Like a red line that runs through.

  4. Cheryl Fillion

    In writing class, it’s always “Show, don’t tell!” for successful storytelling. You make it apparent that storytelling through cloth is no different. What a gift you’re giving us.

  5. Judy

    I am truly in awe as I read your words, listen to you speak and watch the way you work with cloth to create your story. It’s as though you see the cloth in several dimensions and are able to bring out and unite the separate bits to make a whole. It’s like magic, it is cloth whispering…

  6. Mary

    A wonderful addition. The fabric woven through gave a depth that wasn’t exactly missing from the story but hadn’t fully revealed itself. What is hiding beneath the bark of trees? Thoughts moving through.

  7. Joanne

    Now you have given me something to think about. A cloth running thru. But first they have to become attached to something.
    It’s cold and wet here in Maine— a nice day to fondle cloth.

    • jude

      maybe it begins with space to be, and then what connects them makes it a place to be.They might simply be attached to each other.

  8. Sri

    “trying not to curate it, at all” and that is the challenge, to let go of the need to push in a particular direction, impose a particular order and let something emerge from within the cloth itself. It’s hard after years of conditioning, to let go enough but that feels like the aspiration, to me. Letting go and keeping on letting go.

    • jude

      by curate, I was speaking of the presentation to you all here. Not picking and choosing what to show based on what might be, good. I don’t thing I am letting go. Only letting go of the fear of failure. At the same time I am really holding on to my thoughts. Letting them play out.

  9. Joan

    I remember last week when you were stuck…and I think we all let out a sigh of relief to know you get stuck too, and then today we get to see how easily sometimes things come together and just seem right. So nice to see both sides, thank you for that!

      • Joan

        Your comment reminded me that as a child when I was afraid of doing something my Mom would remind me of that very thing, that everyone else that would be there was probably feeling that same fear. A good thing to remember!

  10. Carol

    Too funny. I had pulled out a cloth thread last night and began looking at it closely, thinking “hmmm, could I use this for stitiching?” Thanks for sharing your thoughts on using cloth thread.

    • jude

      it’s trial and error. heavier cloth often has plied thread. Still, after being woven in, it tends to have a crimp in it and is not east to sew with, but it can be done. It is tho, quite useful for the weft in weaving…

  11. Rowena Light

    I love your dancing tree woman on the right with a magic heart….I’ll be dancing round the room later thinking about all this. Thanks Jude. Xx

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