Catching Thoughts with Reason


I don't buy it.  This trend about don't overthink,  don't think too much.  Empty your head. Nope.  Not for me...

  audio-how it goes

Explain the Real-ness of it

Let things change and don't worry

I have created a pdf of the original page here, with out my marks.  Feel Free to use it if you like.   Or not.    PDF 9 stray doodles 

Me,   I like to just hold things in my mind,   save paper.   Let it brew, renew.

Direct Video LInk  In case you want that.

Talking...  audio-mapping idea

And then a little of what I want to call OverDoing. (to the left here)

I know I am talking a lot today.  You should be able to click on audio and then on the picture to the left to enlarge it  while listening.

Talking...  audio-overdoing

I look at all of what I do as a series, no matter what medium.  It is just one thing becoming another,  the constant change, caught in steps.

I will continue with  figure # 4 for now.   And do a bit of what I call "Storming", (aka brain storming) on paper, and talking,  for a May Stray,  without looking back at any of this.   I like to break free at one point and let the initial ideas take hold in my mind without trying to  replicate or trace what has taken place.   The storm is already  brewing, and storms are actually hard to pin down exactly, right?, as to what the result might be.  You just ride it out.

I have used #4 as a base, a thought base, before...  but rather than back track, let's see what happens this time.  In real time.

A more complete version of this was posted on Instagram yesterday. It's me as a path.  You might use me as that.

In General

I will spend the next few weeks working on a May Stray.  Just to be birthing something, while continuing to catch thoughts about catching thoughts.  Part one will end at the end of this month...which was my original thought.   I was going to drag it out through June but I really want to move on to more focused technique/ making .  Needing to fit the next 8 parts of the series into a time period ending with my  69th birthday month, in February.  Because I will be somewhere else by then, if even in my mind.  And I want to get through it.  Or let it all move through me.  To you.



  1. The video helped a lot with the process. The path through feels complete, in an emotional way. Freeing. Like when I put holes in my quilts- places for energy to pass without getting stuck. Thank you. Hugs to all.

  2. Kristin Freeman

    Jude, So much has stirred while reading your posts, writing pages of notes, thoughts, poems and sketching pages of thoughts….like a pot sitting for a while waiting to be warmed to dye another batch of cloth and thread. This septuagenarian has come alive with cloth and thread. The journey is opening a new “story “. Thank you.

  3. Dear Jude, this post contains so much that is useful (thought-provoking!) to me. I wrote a lot in my journal last night re-examining my process. I spent my career as a computer analyst and I thought hard all the time and drew a lot of diagrams and reached a lot of logical conclusions. But I think that path left heart and community out. So now at 63 and retired I feel like I’m rebuilding, but trying to somehow retain the thinking and logic skills I invested so much time in. I’m also very intrigued by your prediction that you will move from fabric into paper. I cycle between fabric and paper, loving both.

  4. Helen Lawless Lee

    Just had a great conversation with Mark, after sharing what you said about thinking. He is like you…threads of thought going everywhere. It’s one of the things I love about him.
    I feel lacking because I don’t have that. I think it’s because my father would not allow daydreaming….but expected me to THINK….as a means to an end result…if that makes sense.
    Mark sees daydreaming as inseparable from thinking. What he said made me think that daydreams are threads that end in thinking.
    The way he and you think blows my mind….and I would love to have that going on in my head.

    • jude

      i think it is a habit of catching the nebulous beginnings, yes, become aware of something happening before it is recognizable, or explainable, being comfortable with that, knowing that the transformation
      will occur.

  5. Carol

    This is definitely thought provoking. I “over think” everything including designs but I don’t usually get to the “explosion” you mention. Instead it creates paralysis for me. Do you know how you get to the explosion phase? Is it just some elements call to you more strongly or ? Thanks so much Jude.

    • Joelle Baum

      Thank you so much for this intimate view of your creative process. This is so helpful! Today I slowed down and started thinking and doodling. My thoughts and doodles went with the horses I have known and loved. A lifetime with my horses………

  6. debgorr

    metacognition…thinking about thinking. I write to empty my brain, I’m pretty sure as a child I talked a lot to do the same thing. Making helps me organize my thoughts, gives them meaning….is a form of meditation for me at times… Thinking about how often I start with “I am thinking about…” 🙂

  7. Thoughts that came while listening… remembering growing up, how I used to think about thinking, sure that no one else around me was doing it. Understanding the idea of exploding from thinking, but need to work on getting rid of the imploding that tends to come first. And the need to remember that things move, which is probably related to the implosions.

  8. lori shaw

    I am finally getting a better understanding of the “why and how” weaving has opened up a larger picture of understanding for you. SUCH in important point – “link it to the real world”…so much love that. This is exactly what I am trying to do. Take concepts that resonate with me and link it something more common to produce the impression of something that can’t otherwise be expressed.

      • jude

        forget it, i am so familiar with typos, it’s my second language… the link between sewing and weaving became clearer over time, i hadn’t even noticed how they worked together in my thoughts for a long time. it was through my online sharing, as I was explaining that I found clarification fro myself.
        To find some common thread of logic can really help communicate our mystery thoughts..

  9. Mary

    I am wondering about “stray”. First I thought you were referring to a stray as a noun (or adjective), that a stray cat wandered into your life. But now I I am thinking you mean stray as a verb, that we will be straying from the usual path.
    Are we the strays connecting to a path or are we straying, disconnecting from a path? Hmmmm

    • jude

      oh ha, it is a stray cat my symbol for my own stray selves, the is a category for them on my blog. I’m sorry not to have explained that. So actually, both I think, and I sense a story brewing there. Nice question.

  10. Melanie

    Jude, I am loving your sharing of thinking,doodling, redoodling and brewing! Suits my thought process down to the ground! My hubby calls it my butterfly brain, but I think it’s more like a spiders web, any way possible!

  11. drawing always helps me understand the world, some days the perceptions are clear making the lines sure and true, some days are confused and tentative making the lines tremble delicately, some days are fierce & dark making the line’s fast and furious, they are like lifelines to the heart of the matter

  12. Martha Bilski

    Been baby sitting the last few days and injured my thumb on my dominant hand so not able to stitch anything. Time to think.
    Do we have to sign up anew for part two? Or are we already included?

  13. Pam S.

    Your thought process works well for me too! and I need to go back to my school years where I was constantly doodling my thoughts to paper 💙

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