Catching Thoughts with Questions

There is no easier way  to realize story than to use yourself as the main character.  This drawing is from a shoebox I have labeled The Library of Selves.  They are loose. I have adopted this cat like shape, the stray cat, as a base to work with.  Perhaps because it is "loose" by nature.  I think it set me free in a way,  to wander around , travel in my mind,  cross lines,  and most of all manage fear.  I began  using "the beast"  long ago,  as a component for story.   I think the stray cat has been more useful  because it is a character  that is in between  wild and tame.   A character that  makes a connection between  so many confusing things.   Like Loving and Leaving.  I so often add questions to my  sketches, and as I look back  it seems to be a great  beginning.

One of the reasons it is so hard for me to make a plan is because I never really make up my mind in any hardline manner.   I am always rearranging  my thoughts  for the simple joy of seeing them differently.

Connection is not always that easy to explain. How do we measure what we learn from each other, OurSelves?

I think we are always asking questions.  Even when we  make statement that seem so sure.  I am never sure.  So much so that I can become very annoying to those around me.  I do not even have a favorite color.   But I do love  a lot of things.   Over time I 've come to realize I might be able to love everything.   Love is almost finding a use for something.  I am rambling.  I know.

 I love to ramble.

These two stray selves are the only ones here on the wall.  They are very different.  Simply because they  have been considered as selves  they are connected.  But  I can see more connections by simply looking long enough.

Love takes time.

Ok, I asked myself a lot of questions over the weekend.   I thought I'd put one or two of them here.

What can I teach here that would be most useful? And then,  are there any direct questions about anything  I do  that you might want to ask meWhy am I asking



  1. Sharon Koch

    As Liz wrote earlier, “What if this is all a dream coming true?… I feel that. I’m joining you 3 months after your questions were asked. Past, present and future seem gloriously intermingled for me. I read your current posts, as well as previous writings and listen to your videos repeatedly, knowing some things are “caught, not taught”. What am I seeking? A more personal expression? I’ve been hand-quilting mostly pieced patterns and some applique for almost 40 years, rug-hooking my own designs 3-4 years and weaving about 2. A possible overlap interests me. I’ve seen some woven cloth in your quilts. Some fringe. Would like to create more of my own fabric, shibori etc. Beginning to dye silk and yarn. Love to experiment. What I really want to say here is that you’re far more than a teacher, Jude. It’s almost like you take each of us individually back into our own childhoods, rewriting painful memories and healing soul wounds, so that whatever hindered our original creative flow is taken out of the way with your gentle kindness and epic love. Each of us comes alongside you, not only to receive, but to give back. It’s all about love, yes?

  2. Maura Thomson

    Dear Jude , I like the way you dye and sometimes get a halo around the moon , like you gave combined an indigo resist along with some bleaching , please can you explain how you get this lovely effect ??
    Thanks ,Maura ( in N. Ireland)

    • jude

      that is rather unpredicatble as it is a reaction around the edge of the resist stencil when indigo overdyeing previoulsy dyed scrap. Since I am dyeing over a lot of old cloth dyed old cloth, I never know. I believe it is a chemical reaction with the reducing agent. It’s cool tho, yes?

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