Catching Thoughts through Repetition

Again and Again

Repetition.   Acting on a single thought many times can refine it.  But a small thought might also grow.  Expand. More importantly, evolve.   When we keep reconsidering, trying to express a thought, it becomes more obviously a component  in a bigger story.  The story of what you do.  And that might be so big that it is hard to grasp at first.   The importance  of small steps  is so often hidden by ambition and expectation.


Three not physically connected

These three began back here

Repetition can be open ended.

I want to stress that Repetition is in one way Again and Again  but in another way,  NOT.   It's a matter of perspective.   And the ability to use imperfection as a path to transformation.  The space between thoughts  might seem to break  our path.  But maybe it might give us time to consider  what connection is.

Audio-Space is Thread


  1. Greetings Jude, I am unclear about to how apply the Part One participant discount to my purchase of Part Two. Thanks be for helping me. Cheers, Nita

  2. jen tarchin

    I love the space between thoughts as I often reside there. From that space a creative impulse often arises. Sometimes it is very surprising. It can take a turn or sometimes a continuing of the piecing process. This way is delightful to follow.

  3. “The importance of small steps is so often hidden by ambition and expectation.” Yes. It is relaxing now to focus on the small steps and repetition. No more grand projections that something unachievable will spring out of nowhere. I repeated watching and listening to this post, will probably revisit a few more times. Thank you!

  4. debgorr

    Thinking about how many times a child might have to try a food before they decide to like it. At work we call them “try me bites.” Some people call them “no thank you bites” but that doesn’t seem very optimistic. 🙂

    • jude

      ha! so true, liking and not liking, I’m thinking about how liking and not liking can be complicated. So woven with influence.

  5. grace

    walking up the Hill from giving water, i stop at the first resting place…a large log that i’d moved into the
    trench that goes under the B garden fence. Oona somhow crawled her big body under the fence. I had
    to fill it, impermanently, so the big log. And sitting on that big log looking at all that was at my feet, leaves
    twigs stones seeds and alternating with looking up into the tree branches, i thought about this post.

    and i felt my 73 year old self and my 7 year old self simultaneously sitting on a big log.

    this post for me is about the metaphor of a life, a human life, worked in a series of days as it goes
    along. Over and over and over, we try out things, make connections, leave space.
    that we ARE as human beings Variations on the Theme of ourSelves as we live and keep some things
    and pair some things and cut some things away . and maybe that’s the joy of stitching as you teach it,
    that we get to do with our eyes and hands what we have done and are doing with our living, and we get to Hold
    what we Make
    am loving thinking about all this

    • jude

      the physical holding of what we are in a way. stepping back and appreciating the pieces and the work, then the connection. I guess that is the perspective I am addressing.

  6. Joanne

    It’s really how we learned everything as children. Repetition. Buttoning clothes, shoe laces, holding a pencil. You bring us back to our beginnings. And now, it makes no difference if I “make” as I am just learning. Thank you for this.

  7. Joelle Baum

    Thank you. It means so much to me that you continue to weave your creative process as you move through your life. I love your thoughts of “imperfection as a path to transformation”. What I needed to hear today.

  8. love these thoughts on realizing the variations on the themes that run through your life, the ups and downs, the ins and outs, the wild winds that sweep through and turn things upside down discovering the strong threads that hold them together

  9. Pam S.

    The patch below the man’s shirt piece looks like it already has a face turned on profile it looks like a nose and the pin head is an eye!

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