Catching Thoughts by Talking

who am I and what am I thinking?

This is the image I created after talking to myself about talking to myself. And imaging the moon as my only witness.

So much chatter out there about finding one's voice.   Really we have a simple way to do that.  Think.  Talk.  Say what you are thinking.  Listen.  Keep Going.

I think one of the most helpful techniques for thought catching,  at least it has seemed that way for me,  is talking.  To myself.   I know we all probably do that from time to time but I now do it all the time.    And now, in these last few years , listening.   Listening to myself .

Find a way to hear yourself

A handy Gadget.

But these days, you are probably already carrying one in your pocket.

Be a river

I bought an audio recorder years ago.  I began using it to supplement  the media for my classes.  I love the layer that  real voice adds to sharing thoughts.   How  it brings me right into the current moment, as I reconsider  everything I was thinking about just moments ago.   Speaking can be so much more revealing.   It is so liquid, allowing the present to just flow like a river, a stream of consciousness.


I found this in the Real Journal this morning, I still can't spell

Loosen Up and reconnect

So really,  recording your voice is easy.   Playback is easy.   It's a great tool for thought catching.   Just listening to yourself.   But first comes training yourself to let it out.   Make more space for new ideas.   I used to talk to myself in the car while driving.  Nobody to listen , I would just rant on,  release.   That was quite helpful.   Like a real journal, real voice is good.   Say it.   Just say it.   Like nobody else will hear it.   Like only the moon is witness to it.  Let me talk,  it was chilly this morning and the wood stove is clanking.

real voice- audio

real voice

As far as voice recording goes, if you have a smart phone, you have most likely have the ability to make voice recordings. It might be built in or you might need to download a free voice recording app.   Technology is good if you use it to good end.   There is nothing like hearing someone speak.   Or being able to speak across this wide space that we are floating in.   It is a special kind of connecting.   Let me talk again,  it's warming up outside so the birds have joined me.

audio- virtual voice

virtual voice


  1. Cheryl

    When we were little, my brother and I would play with my dad’s tape recorder. We would talk, interview each other (pretending we were different people), and play silly games. It’s funny how those days were innocent yet fun. I don’t do recordings anymore, but I talk to myself all the time.

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