Catching Thoughts by Holding

Hold that thought


The tendency to hold on to a thought...

I simply took the time ,  stitched these together to hold the thought.   They seemed a variation on the same theme I am working with which always expands the idea.  Even  if  it turns into something else later.  I could very well have just kept the photo because that works too.  But my habit is to act on a thought.  Especially the cloth kind. And to collect those  to use later.  I guess they are what-ifs (?) really.   I wanted to just put these bits together  as a kind of a lead in to  the next part of this series.   Gathering pieces,  considering them and preparing them as small cloth components to be part of a bigger story.

I often ,  these days,  because I'm older,  name  my components.   Just (in case) to honor them with affection.    I'll call this  The Tendency to Hold Together.   Because  that's the thought  that gave  these scraps a second chance to be useful.

Audio- Small Cloth

In general

I will be away until Tuesday.  So I will skip Monday's posting here.   I hope you all have a nice weekend  and or holiday if that is your plan.  I've made some changes to   the Series.

Audio- Still Going

REMINDER:  For those of you who joined me here for Part 1,  if you plan to continue,  use the discount code  ragmate   to  get  your $20.00 discount  when purchasing through the shop... to make other arrangements,  contact me.

Up next:   Face.


  1. This will be most helpful to me, building cloth from scraps and making larger cloths. i can’t bring myself to embellish anything yet…still pondering the cloth, the methods, what is most satisfying… lots of sorting, tearing, touching, a bit of cloth weaving tacked to a base of threadbare cotton sheet

  2. CL

    ‘Continuing until you are finished’–love this succinct idea. While I am not using cloth right now, the organic approach to your work nourishes my printmaking practice. Thank you. Lovely weekend to you.

    • jude

      That is great to hear, I couldn’t ask for more… the medium is not important, the thoughts might be caught in infinite ways…

  3. I like the idea of strip piecing and building up components for later use. I don’t feel ready for Faces yet! I will definitely continue with Pat 2, love everything you’re offering. Have a good weekend, Jude!

  4. Sri

    Life is constantly changing in big and tiny ways and I find that going with the flow so much less stressful than wanting things to be a particular and /or familiar way. So I am enjoying your adaptability, Jude, and enjoying adapting with that also. This course is a treat in many ways.

  5. Judy

    You’re not only teaching about cloth you’re teaching about how to handle life…and how to move things around to make it all work to the extent that you can. At a certain age or maybe at any age we’re all trying to do that or should be doing that without apology. So thank you again for being realistic about what you can and can’t do! In whatever format this course evolves and whatever time you have to share it’s all extremely inspiring. Thanks Jude.

  6. This is what I have always liked about your way of teaching, it’s evolving, along with your life and the way things are at the moment.
    And for the same reason, I haven’t been here for a while, because other things in life needed my attention.

  7. Carol

    I like the simplification to 3 parts of this journey, it makes sense. Thoughts and getting started, Constructing thoughts and last Expanding the thoughts. But most of all glad you are still moving forward with this series even when things are so busy for you. Thank you Jude!

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