Building with Pairings

Ideas Waking up

Design Mending

I did a quick sketch over a photo of the arrangement.   Becoming green was in my mind.  And Growing Up.   And maybe Blending in.   There's nothing new about trees with faces or animals/people sprouting branches.  This kind of image is common in illustration.  Maybe that's where it came from?.   Are they cats?  Depends on the face details I think.   They are certainly stray somethings. Wild things.

The sketch is loose, sometimes to draw is not the same as to stitch. I don't always follow the sketch, sometimes I just want to get the thought out.  I never trace and sometimes don't even look back.  I always like to draw in the moment.  The pairings are an easy begin as a base,  there are so many options for shaping them.  I like to take it slow.  Rocking between  drawing and stitching, as needed.  With the purpose of holding it together.

Audio- Draw

A loose drawn layer

Building on and with Pairings

In general

Things are not running smoothly here at the moment,  technical issues along  with the house sale and spring allergies and such.   I feel I have not  covered a lot of what I expected to get to here.  And time is passing.  And I do want to get through one piece from start to finish... to do that.  I need to talk.

Audio - Whatever


  1. Jen NyBlom

    Jude~~ I have never enjoyed listening/watching classes, tutorials, recorded thoughts/processes until NOW! So much of the thoughts you express, working thru & sharing your ideas, sometimes Cloth, sometimes Life; I find myself thinking (sometimes out loud!) “YES. I think/feel that way tooooooooo!!” THANK YOU for being so open, so sharing, letting us into your Heart & Head. Absolutely LOVE your free-flowing organic style, sharing what just moves thru you, sometimes right in the Moment. (but, I must say; this is like the best novel ever: you cannot put it down, but you know it’s gonna end, and that makes you just a teensy bit melancholy (ok, more than a teensy) Thank you, Thank you for sharing a bit of yourself. Huge Gratitude <3 XOXO

  2. Anne van Oel

    Dear Jude, just a very short note to let you know I’m so very much enjoying what you are doing. It’s a treat every time. Thank you. Hope you just keep going in your own pace and your own story’s. I’m thankful and happy that you give me the opportunity to join you!

  3. Ah yes, WordPress…. I have been trying to figure that out for awhile! I am happy you will be continuing the first session too. I enjoy hearing you talk about your work and your process. It helps me to think about mine. I am trying to figure out my own way to say something except I am not sure what I am even trying to say! Just thought I would chime in that I love what you are doing and look forward to each installment.

  4. Michele

    I am loving both the pace and the content. I too listen repeatedly and it’s a treat every time. There are so many nuggets of joy here.

  5. amaranda de jong

    Sorry if the tech is doing your head in CAN RELATE ! whatever is good for you is fine with me .Have been responding on Ragmates should i be doing it here ? Think what you have done so far is TERRIFIC Jude ,every day look forward to checking in and seeing what everyone’s done thanks to your inspiration TA from blighty x

  6. I am enjoying this so much! It is fascinating to peek over your shoulder while you work. I have so many ideas and new ways to approach them. The twists and turns are part of the fun of following your work.

  7. grace

    leaving Part l open and evolving……yes. I like that. It is like you are weaving a basket made of words, loosely woven, that will continue to grow, to hold many things, but hold them within. The word basket will accommodate Everything.

just share what moves through you...