Building a Language

Building a language of stars

Yes, I am making a new wishing star.

But, there are so many layers to its meaning.

It helps me to think of cloth as self.  How we become over time.

one thought over another

then, just going

How it happened this time...

To try and grasp the big-ness in small

The basic method for The Wrap  stitch is listed in the methods index under stitch. (sidebar)

But process is more than just "how to".

Over the years, many images have formed through process, although it has taken me many years to understand that.  About form. How much a simple form contains. How form emerges from simple thought and action.  It now becomes more important to teach how that might happen first hand than to teach some one how to reproduce what I have done a million times before.

so talking...  audio- the build

How much is shared then, in this simple wishing star.  My life is in it it.  Yet still it is small enough to put in my pocket.  Or your hand.


The Mending Star   From a blog post a while back, not too long ago.  Another star.  Reflecting my current  path toward a simpler time.  And the wish as a patch.


  1. Carol Cotton

    Thank you Jude for sharing how you to come to some of your designs and techniques. While in the zen mode of stitching coming up with a creative, decorative way of solving a technical stitching issue. Thinking through the possiblities. Letting the left and right brain come together for a solution. Very good!

  2. Sharon Koch

    thought + action = form. making the unseen visible. what’s seen in the natural realm’s nearly hidden by the ever-evolving story in my head. the way a small child draws. stitching out loud. i. love. this. xox

  3. I just love this post and the timing is perfect. I’m embarking on a wishing star/sun exercise myself and have some hesitation about wrap stitch. Somehow I developed an aversion to it as a young person, when I called it satin stitch and mine were never ever smooth edged or satiny… ready to try again with your coaching. I love the language aspect too and want to adopt all your symbols wholesale, but am also willing to let my own develop over time.

    • carroleb

      I’ve always been a “process” artist when describing what I do, but to hear so clearly how this applies in the work is a real gift. I love your quote that process is a language itself, and to talk yourself through things.
      I attempted to clarify this to a teacher once, only to be told to start at the finished project and work backwards explaining it.
      I wished I’d had your words. To connect to what you are doing, and clarify your own voice, so inspiring💫

just share what moves through you...