Brain Freeze, Brain Melt

So I had nothing to say,  actually I forgot it was Wednesday.

And that's the story.

Nothing to say…NOT…

Talking... I seem to have the same thing to say over and over,  which is say it even it doesn't seem worth saying,  give it form.

Audio-Nothing but True

Today, She Needed a Longer View...


  1. I once asked the Czech glass artist Dana Zamecnikova where she found her inspiration & she replied-
”Where else can we put all the fears, joys, sadness, frustrations & wonders but in the art?”

  2. Stehanie

    Enjoying this so much. Messages here for my own life now and memories of past separations from the grid (home base). But always around the bend something unexpected that somehow puts the past into perspective. It’s good to have company on the journey. Thank you all

  3. Sharon Koch

    Seeing that chaos precedes creation in life, as well as patchwork. An on-going rhythm continuously replayed as the unknown becomes known. Our challenge is often a willingness to wait for the unfolding. We wait with you, Jude, for this next home… filled with natural light, a sense of place and an earthen kiln. It’s coming, as surely as the sunrise. Only fear blocks our longer view. But as my ski instructor told me following a crash, “Focus on where you want to go, not on where you don’t want to go.” The timing of this class with your going clearly confirms your direction. And ours. Perhaps love is the grid for going without knowing in life.

  4. Pam S.

    I feel that chaotic mind flow too …. ever since the hurricane hit here in October!
    Love the brightness flowing through the stray from the eyes!

  5. Henrietta

    Do you know Pablo Neruda wrote his poems always in green ink because he thought it symbolized hope. I do particularly like the shadows created by the floating 4patch/big moon.

    • jude

      i didn’t. but hope seed like a seed , for growth, so I made it green
      shadows are so fleeting, i love that they depend on one’s perspective.

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