About the Small Cloth series

Hello, it is still June, but I wanted to say a few things before class actually begins.  Let me talk a bit.




So  Feel Free to introduce yourself if you like.  Feel Free to be quiet and invisible if that's your thing.   A lot of folks here are continuing from part 1,  but there are new folks too.   If you have any specific questions before we begin, feel free to use the comment section.

Posts will be listed by month, on the home page,  if you want to be notified by email of new content,  links to new content will be in my blog posts at Spirit Cloth, you can subscribe by email in the sidebar, over there.  Otherwise you can visit here whenever it fits your fancy.  See you later,


  1. suddenly, or maybe not, i felt such an emotional reaction to your mention of us all trying to get a little creativity going in the midst of whatever’s going on in one’s life….as there’s so much going on in mine
    the making is what keeps me sane these days

  2. June-Etta

    Thank you, Jude, for continuing to share your insights and beauty. I’m feeling fortunate to be here. And since it is about small pieces, I may even manage to make something.

  3. Tamar

    I’m new to the group, and feel lucky to be part of this last class. Looking forward to it, and wishing everyone well.

  4. Joan

    I am so looking forward. To this technique portion of your class! I hope we all can be a bit of wind in your sails as you head towards your move and we take this journey together.

  5. Joan

    Looking forward to this technique series and hope we all can be a bit of wind in your sails as we all journey together.

  6. Jennie H

    Looking forward to watching and learning with you and the group! And let us know what we can do to support and encourage, should you need it during all this “big life” stuff.

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