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In the Spirit of Patchwork...

That's what this is all about.  And while I keep that in mind, I just wanted to say a few things related to technical issues and technology itself  as it relates to this series and to what I do.

Correspondence  Just a quick note really,  because there always seems to be an issue with emails that come with links and the word password.  My emails often end up in spam folders because these days  links and references to passwords  in emails are often flags for email servers to catch problems. Also, once one of my emails is flagged as spam, if you don't  mark it not spam, all my emails will be marked as such.  So, if you are expecting anything from me, check there.  I found some of your mails in mine.  I check everyday.

Media I haven't had any new complaints about the media.  There is an audio volume control on the audio player  if you haven't noticed that.  That helped a few folks. I tend to talk a lot. I considered offering transcripts of the audio for those of you with language issues.  Translate works with written text.  I am not sure I will be able to do that.  If you have that issue can you get in touch?

Sharing/Blogging  and Social Media  The world of internet sharing has changed drastically since I began in 2004.

I have no private sharing forum set up for this segment, the reason is too many people. I cannot manage that on my own.   Sharing is Important. On any level.  Maybe it is just between friends over coffee and that might be enough.  There are many options, many kinds of folks.  And no requirement to share here at all.  But...however and whatever, I will always encourage you share what moves through you. It will make you a better person and make the world a better place.  Build. Patch holes. Thoughts are useful.

For now, since I see a majority of folks are using Instagram, I have set up a hashtag #ragmates2019 for you to use in reference  to this series.  I can use this tag to group your sharing for others to see.  You can use the same hashtag on Facebook.  I've been asked about a private Facebook group.  Maybe, we'll see. Suggestions and thoughts welcomed.


Technology is good.  It's how we apply it that makes the difference. I would not be here without it.  And neither would you.  Using technology is part of my process and I will share the specifics of how and why I deal with that  as I just go.

I've been testing links and  finding folks and things are starting to hold together. It will be ok.  Shall we begin? OK.  Let me get my ass in gear.

See you soon.


  1. I am in a few private Facebook groups for art, they work well, but that is all. No friends or baby photos allowed. Cats would be welcome, but apart from that I hate FB. I am following the Instagram account for this class – very good.

  2. Jen NyBlom

    Reading/listening to every entry with bated breath…and then it flows easily, in and out…as I take up my cloth and needle again, filled with inspiration from your magic! THANK YOU!! XOXO

  3. RIGHT. Change is the name of the game. I love the changes you made and I am limiting my time on social media (FB), still read a few blogs I love, and that’s fine with me. If all goes well with my health, I’ll be off the web and into the woods around friends in Massachusetts for five days of just being starting the 16th, so I may miss the start but I’ll be back though I haven’t threaded a needle in almost a year. I’ll practice in the evenings when everyone goes to bed before me.

  4. debgorr

    Yes, I love the doors that technology has opened. Just sailed by the 12th anniversary of my blog. Sometimes I do wonder why I still do it but I love the record keeping of it. I love that I am more thoughtful than when I journal privately. I tend to think of a blog post as a letter to pen-pals around the world and instagram as a postcard. I’ve explored face book and like it better now that I’ve learned you can organize posts by most recent rather than most popular. I like creating and reading blog posts best but they do take more time, not always easy when working full time which I do.

    • jude

      that is such a good point about the thoughtfulness that goes into blogging. I think when I began to share with so many I put a lot more thought into it. It helped me too, in the thought catching process, because the thoughts of others cradled my own.
      it’s all fine, the technology, if you embrace it as a toll that can be useful, if you think about it carefully.

  5. I use instagram a lot and have no problem with any of the other social media venues. I post mostly creative things. I am pretty outspoken and out there. I just move on when something I don’t love pops up. I used to work for a huge tech company and learned early on that the delete button works pretty well. I have a couple of blogs but post on them less and less.

    • jude

      The tech here is my husband, he explains things well. And then leaves me to muddle through whatever I need to do. Delete and the power off button are great friends.

  6. Cheryl Fillion

    Along with excitement, fear. Not dread. But fear of not being an artist, not being able to draw to enhance a story, not being able to create on cloth what I feel and see in my mind’s eye. But I’m ready to try, and that helps the fear move through me.

  7. Hi Jude!
    I love Instagram too for how simple and easy it is, however I have been in India Flints online class where she set up a private Facebook account. It has worked very well and it is easy to avoid the rest of FB if you are so inclined. I only use it for the classes myself. I don’t know how much work is required to set that up but it is a password protected venue and since this is a paid class, it might work well for you to keep some things out of the public eye. I have enjoyed it as part of that class. 🙂
    I do hope to post on my blog for this class so is there anything you do not want if the public, will you please indicate that? Cheers and Happy Spring!

    • jude

      I have no problem with any work you share. I would indicate any concerns up front for sure.
      I have considered the Facebook thing. For those who might like it.

  8. Cheryl

    I am new to your work having just discovered it this year. I’m looking forward to new beginnings. As far as the social media goes, I have Facebook and Instagram, but my Instagram is private due to all the odd people who started following me/adding me to things without my permission. I will look in to opening an account that is public. I am excited to begin this new journey. Thank you for doing this!

    • jude

      I really don’t take issue with odd followers usually, I check when new ones pop up and have blocked one or two. Mostly though, I don’t care who looks. As for being added to things, not sure what you mean. The only glitch for me is typing on my phone but you can use a computer too.

      • Cheryl

        I meant when I first opened an Instagram account, I thought I would only see posts from people I followed. I loved Instagram for its’ simplicity. However, I started seeing posts from people I had never heard of before, and I ended up spending a lot of time blocking these people. Not because I didn’t want to see their pictures, which I didn’t, but because some of the content on there was porn. Perhaps that doesn’t happen anymore, I don’t know. As for typing in posts, I love to use my microphone on my phone.

  9. Melissa W

    I favor Instagram because I use it just to link with artists I like and close family. I find it doesn’t have as many ads and the people I follow all respectfully leave politics out of their posts and I find that refreshing!

  10. Pam S.

    Looking forward to learning more! and maybe letting my introvert self express my thoughts more…. thank you Jude for the years of sharing in your blog! 💙

  11. Peggy McG

    I am glad you talked here about technology.. i tried to absorb what i read on google trying to see what I might want —a blog?? An instagram account?? Noooo.. i do have a facebook page but dont use it.. I would be very interested in that if we had a private group..but dont know how much more work that would be for you.. and would it be less work than what you mentioned about a place to share if we sent you the info and you gathered it somewhere?? I best go have a chat with my grandson techy super hero.

    • jude

      I want to talk more in detail about all of it. A blog is a great personal tool as well as a public display. I keep a private blog because it is easy to organize thoughts. It’s a journal really, the digital kind. Instagram is OK really. I think it really comes down to what your idea of sharing is. My feelings about it have opened up a bit, beyond followers and likes and attention and even business, which is at the source of most motivation for internet sharing. In a nutshell, fame. But as a teaching tool it has a whole different context. And I do believe sharing is teaching.

  12. Lynda Merry

    Hi jude and fellow ragmates! Really excited to see where this all takes us. A couple of thoughts about the social media part of this:

    1. Thank you for setting up an Instagram/Facebook hashtag for sharing. It’s an easy, quick way to share. Love it!
    2. A private Facebook group would be nice, but I think it would require someone managing requests to join? Seems like a lot to ask of you, jude.

    In my opinion, you are a mastery level blogger and make it look easy when I know it’s not. That’s why I finally shut down my blog. I couldn’t get to it every day, and I was tired of swatting away (blocking) the trolls with links to creepy websites. Thank you for everything. You and your community make my days better.

    • jude

      It is a matter of how we manage what’s available and how much time and patience we have. I think it is an important subject to include as process. it might be a fruitful conversation.

  13. Joelle Baum

    Anticipation and excitement are moving through me! Hoping to put creative thoughts and ideas into form. Thank you!

    • Jennifer

      I’m so excited and grateful to finally have made it into one of your classes – how sad would I have been if I tried to sign up next year and discovered that I missed the chance?!! Jude, if it turns out that you do want to provide transcripts, please allow me to help. I spent many years transcribing documents and it wouldn’t be hard to do that for the class.

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