A Big Hello


So, I'm a bit camera shy.  But this is me. I want to say hello and can never help myself from making some sort of silly face.

Maybe you have been following for a while and know a lot about me. Maybe not. Let me just share some basics.  I am 68 years old, now moving through my 69th year and I feel fine.  I look older and I seem a bit slower but really if I don't look in the mirror I feel just about the same as always.

For me the most significant change in the  years since I began this internet adventure is simply  the way I look at things. And that's probably what I will begin talking about real soon. You can read more about me here.

Born and raised in New York, I attended School of Visual Arts  from 1969 -1971 and studied Children's Book Illustration but never completed the program.  I do not have a college degree. How it happened that I continued this creative life is just  the way it might have happened or not.

Why am I here doing this?

I am doing this, I suppose, maybe just for the hell of it. I feel  I'm in a different frame of mind that I was way back when I hosted my older classes.  I'm curious about how that will change what I have to say about some of the same things.

I'm doing this because I enjoy doing this.

I'm doing this to give back,

I'm doing this because I can still do this.

I'm doing this because I need you to complete something for me.

I'm doing this to clarify my approach to the myth attached to creativity.

As you can see, folks are slowly drifting in.

Have a good weekend and I will officially begin on Monday.

Since I will be just going now you might just check in here at this point.

Let's start with Monday, Wednesday and Friday  for now. I think once I get past my initial slow introductory posts, I will switch into what I call Diary Mode. That is a real-time everyday making sort of thing, no thought left unturned.


  1. I am so at peace being here. It feels good to connect with those who love stitching in whatever forms. I have been trying to get back into it for some years now since I got PTSD, and I have done everything I could think of to try to get back to it again – putting my sewing table next to me in the living room with an actual sewing project in progress on it under the needle of the machine, and piling hand project after hand project – mending, finishing, hand painting on fabric, etc. on top of that, but still nothing is forth-coming. I am hoping that in just reading all this good “talk” and connecting with others again that one of these days, I will pick up a piece of cloth again and put my heart and soul to it. I have so loved my fiber arts and other arts in any form – traditional, art, contemporary and funky or spiritual, etc. and mixed media quilts and other projects. I have been mourning the loss of these things, and doing everything I can think of to even do just a little bit. I can still write, but that has been all. I am not even certain what it is that is stopping me, but I want more than anything to get into that space again. I am 77 going on 78 this year, so I think this is really a good thing to be doing. Thank you one and all, and especially Jude, very kindly.

  2. Marsha Longofono

    Hi, this is Marsha from Topeka KS. My birthday present to myself (I turn 62 this month) was to sign up & take this class. I have been following Jude for quite awhile and am so darn excited to be here!

  3. grace Maestas

    yes….still happening. clicking on name, you get the way i identify on WordPress…karmadondruplhamo (my
    buddhist name)….i don’t know when or why that happened, it was years ago, but it doesn’t work here so
    much. I’ll try to change it?
    and Love and Love to the New Blooming here…you, your Teachings and then all of US…so many…
    how BeautyFULL is that!!!!!!
    more love
    me, grace

  4. Hello, martha here, long beach long island new york usa. long time stitcher, here for the hell of it to see what I can muster. owner of some kind of un identified immunity disorder that makes me feel much older than my 61 yrs. My neurologist calls it a pain disprder- what ever. I have been making things all my life and I guess my purpose here is to connect with others who make things. I sew and paint and used to teach people to use their technology at the apple store until I could no longer make the commute, but I loved teaching adults. I am a blogger and instagramer and all that. I am so happy to be her in this glorious ether. love ~m

  5. Marije

    Thanx for sharing! I am always wonderkind about your ring… the one with the skull… does it have a special meaning for you??

    I am curious what you will share with us… but I will wait patiently. I am Dutch, 46, and I love to Felt! I also experimented with stitching on felt… and made a few patchwork pieces inspired by your work…

    • jude

      the ring, no, it was just an accidental kind of jewelry and it has since broken…
      I am wondering what I will share with you as well, oh ha!

  6. Hello dear Jude, its good to be here with you again. I love the slow pace — I can’t seem to manage to keep up with fast-paced things at all…

  7. Waving from Suffolk, UK. I am really appreciating this slow start as more cohesive ‘things’ or ideas are emerging from the cauldron of weaving, dyeing, drawing, painting and …drum roll…stitiching. So I am relaxing. 🙂

  8. pat Carbonneau

    What a lovely serene face….I am 78, and just starting this stitching voyage…I paint, and I am so excited about this..am I too long in the tooth to start a new medium???

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