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Doodle Tuesday

suddenly, consciousness, rising up

It was always Doodle Wednesday but I think for now on, it will be Weaving Wednesday.

I am on the mend.  And I leave you with...

I wonder who named it?

Love in a Mist, which reseeded.  I needed that.

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  1. Susan Hemann

    I’m glad you are better.
    Like the doodle
    I just think Love in a Mist is stunning, so delicate and beautiful
    I tried growing it a long time ago, it never grew bummer

  2. I hope I haven’t “mist” mine blooming while away. Mine are all blue. If you have a lot and can collect the seeds, they are edible and delicious.
    Glad you are feeling better!

  3. Dhyana

    Thank you for the introduction to this flower.
    nigella damasscena – if I have some land someday I would want it there

  4. So glad you’re mending! This doodle gave a “Why of course!” feeling…thinking why has that never popped up before with all you ‘see’?!! So nice to know there is newness ongoing. The flower is interesting, charming even. 🙂

    • jude

      it is funny I just remembered I have a very old drawing from way back in art school that seems so similar. I am looking for it.

  5. sharon

    you’re “waving” at us today ‘n weaving with us tomorrow! u feel lighter. a fast shifts things fast! ha! that love-in-a-mist seems like it grew out of the end of your pen…

  6. Jen

    Mending on Monday
    Doodling on Tuesday
    Weaving in Wednesday
    I got some nigella seeds, I hope they bring me a lovely flower(s) like this and reseed everywhere!!
    the Beauty of Nature surely helps the healing, the mending 💚

  7. Sharan

    Looking forward to Weaving Wednesdays sounds wonder-full! The delicate beauty of that flower is breathtaking. May mending continue (pun intended)

  8. Pam S.

    Pretty flower! I’ve never seen one of those.
    Weaving Wednesday sounds good! and with a side of your doodles💙

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