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Lupine. Nitrogen fixers.  When we use this process to fertilize the soil, it's called planting a 'green manure' crop.  These grow wild here.  I have encouraged them.  Even in the garden.  They are slowly spreading. Deer don't eat them.  I gave up planting sunflowers. Hibiscus has been chewed to the ground.  Native is  an easier path. Cheaper too.

I am beginning a fast. My gut health has been stressed so it is a good time to slow down and take a health break.  I usually do this once a year.   3 or 4 days, sometimes a week.   Resting and cleansing myself in all ways.  Time out.

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  1. Elaine Rentz

    (Meant this here vs. replying to another post.) I’m in Northern VT, we love the lupines too! I’ve been considering a fast as well… it seems to allow so much to sort out of the system. Good luck!

  2. Holly Gleason

    Sending you love and care … Lupines are an annual gift here in New Hampshire and they are very welcome wherever they choose to grow. I am going to consider a fast … my tummy has not been quite right of late. thanks for the reminders and for all you share!! You are also a gift and not just annually!!!!!

  3. anne kasten

    in the least few years I have come to understand that the things that move into my garden are the plants that WANT to be here.

    They do not get removed as they aren’t “part of the scheme”,
    they have become the scheme instead.

    We forget to keep our eyes and our minds open sometimes.

  4. Judy

    An unhappy gut here as well! I’ve slipped on my intermittent fasting so this is a good cue to get back on track.

  5. Ah…Lupines! Native is the way to go I’m thinking too. But, how I’d miss the sunflowers!
    An unhappy gut = an unhappy gal! Feel better.

  6. sharon

    intermittent fasting works really well for me. just one yummy, healthy meal a day. good to rest both body ‘n soul. lovely lupines!

  7. Jan Stevenson

    You have reminded me of two things: the children’s story by Barbara Cooney, Miss Rumphius about the woman who went along planting lupines…and also that we visited my friend in Washington State back in the 80’s a year or two after Mt St Helen’s erupted and we saw the first wildflowers on those slopes which were prairie lupines. Doesn’t that just clean you out?

  8. Pam S.

    It’s been I while for me too! I usually do fast days twice a week, I was just thinking today how I need to start back. 👍🏻

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