jude hill spirit cloth


But then,  shrinking.

Today, just thoughts about framing.


Because my favorite way to  build  is to use center.


The heat blower went on, I will continue below.

this morning's notes on framing.

just go

I will probably call this one Mind Cabin.

to focus and grow

The porch skylight was an interesting frame this morning.  Probably because of my frame of mind.


The sky was expanding while the snow was shrinking... but then it was just my perspective.

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  1. carroleb

    Loving the cabin building/framing ideas.
    Working on an Earth cabin and Sky cabin at the same time. The Earth cabin is quite happy small, while the sky cabin wants to expand…a timely post on expansion in cloth and what that could be, look like.
    Winter contracts and spring expands…..hmmm

  2. Vi

    Would you feel that the log cabin way of starting centre and just keeping growing in this kind of natural order outwards,lends itself to more of a flow of a final form visually,as against not doing it quite that way? I hope I am not sounding garbled…

    • jude

      well, I think so depending on how you arrange things but as I consider it again, maybe not, I am working with less color to see about that.

  3. Dhyana

    Love your explanation of your perspective .. narrowing and expanding at the same time .. I’m going to experiment with some invisible stitch expanding on my cabins .. Thank you .. heart heart heart.

  4. Pam S.

    I’ve been working on my silk log cabin block quilt for almost 2 months now, and I enjoy hearing your thoughts on log cabin block making 💙

  5. The simplicity of the log cabin square and the idea of building was why I chose it when I started my “Good enough COVID 19,” quilt…that and I could have it be 19 pieces. Over the last 2 1/2 years these squares have taught me so much. There is so much more than I first thought….

  6. Dale Odberg

    Good morning Jude,
    Thank you for writing on framing,
    this will help me focus on fun and work in sewing.
    I feel focus, framing and strength vibrations already.
    Have a good weekend.
    Yours truly,

  7. sharon

    loving the versatility of the cabin, expanded spirally, side-by-side, or ? just as i was pondering this, an ink ‘n watercolor by klee popped up as part of a slideshow on my screen. his “cabin” had overlaid corners of line ‘n color fields expanding in a diagonal direction, beyond the frame… starting to see cabins everywhere!

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