jude hill spirit cloth

The way it goes

Some deer were moving through last night at dusk.

evening was a beautiful blur

I did not get a good picture.  But actually this is the way it seemed.

I found some old Floating Moon block.

floating moon caught in a safety net

I pinned it to a cloth, now on a wall I call the Sanity Wall.  All the pieces I consider part of the Sanity Series.  A whole wall along the hallway on the way to bed.  I am sleeping better. I wander slowly through my quiet , mostly wordless stories, and continue them in my dreams.

I am behind on answering emails.  I will eventually get to them.


  1. sharon

    the softness of the shadows ‘n the sketchiness of the tree branches capture the emotion of the moment. like photographing a feeling…

  2. Jeri

    Good morning, and you can add another dot to your dot family!

    I just spied a few deer running through the yard yesterday too, I do love seeing them.

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