jude hill spirit cloth

Arising from

slow forming


Arising From an Inner Warmth

I called it that.  I still call it that.


I like the word arising.  A is for that,  as opposed to Suddenly.   Arising is slow. Slower, As if it has been long enough to remember willing it.  Wanting it.  I will add added this word to the glossary.

I have begun finishing up some old pieces in the Frame of Mind Series.  At one time I had planned a showing.  That path has  changed for many reasons.  All of which are very personal.  I cannot really explain.

I love the stitch in this one,  even though it was mostly about color.  It was about color here.

Now it is more about both. How one thing arises from another.


to the Forever Zone...


  1. I love the passionate fire colors & the stitching flaming outward! [because of the stories I’ve been reading & hearing, I can’t help thinking of the mythical Firebird — and also the Phoenix]
    Also ” How one thing arises from another.” — and it’s different from planting an acorn & expecting an oak. Who knows What might arise as inner & outer contexts dance and change?! The joys of making…. 🙂

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