jude hill spirit cloth


Yesterday,  a few new stitches on This Old Heart.This OldHeart as sun rising

This morning, an unrolling.   A few Morning Glories.  A few compromised indigo leaves, the green.  I already knew the morning glories gave color.  I usually save them and freeze them.

August marks

I am working on a few things for next week's shop update, but I will be gone from here  after today.   Until September.   My boy turns 43 on the 1st.   Imagine that.

I am focused on becoming and sometimes it requires cocooning.  You all take care, I will be back refreshed before you know it...



  1. Susan Crowley

    Dear Jude – Thank you so much for taking such great care when you package purchases from the Threadcrumbs Shop. It really means a lot to me. When I was selling fabric on Ebay, I would do the same for my buyers. Inevitably, when I would purchase I would receive a crumbled up mess stuffed in the smallest envelope possible. I always felt kind of sad about that. Thanks, again!!! Enjoy your holiday!

  2. Kristin F.

    Time, precious time. Stitching ready on this, another very hot day ahead.
    Enjoy your departure time…happy birthday memories of 43 wonderful son years.

  3. sharon

    many celebrations of new births! many becomings. many circles. to each ending, a beginning. the dyeing (dying) process becomes a seed planted. such a wonder-filled life it is. happy cocooning, jude! x

  4. happy birth-day to you both … to your son celebrating the year to come, and to you for remembering the year it all began …

    I am so fortunate these days to hear birth-day stories whenever my daughter calls to talk during her drive home from work on the Labor and Delivery floor

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