jude hill spirit cloth


I'm glad the slugs didn't get all the Marigolds

Just a few marigolds.  A bit of alum.  On silk, in the sun.  Solar Dyeing. There is another jar without the alum.  I have heard there is a fade factor.  Best to see for self.  The water here has a heavy mineral content,  much different than back on the Island.  Everything is different here.  Isn't that great?  New eyes.

Heat is building here again today,  Maybe I will leave it a bit longer.

Maybe inspiring another SUNflower.  I mean wow.

And I did a sketch.  because I don't know.  Don't you love not knowing?  Paths form. You can take them or not but just that they form is the promise of endless journeys.

it is quite possible that everything could become a SUNflower


  1. Susan Crowley

    I tried dyeing with some Rose o Sharon petals this weekend, also using alum. It just didn’t take very well. The regular rose petals are great. You’ve inspired me to be on the hunt for yellows!

  2. Jana

    Petals coming into being around the heart … maybe, maybe not. Oh, fun! First morning here in east Tennessee where I stepped across the threshold and there was no humidity. It only lasted 2 seconds, but oh, what a foretaste! LOL!

  3. sharon

    that yellow! sometimes i think that if all i ever did was to dye cloth, yarn ‘n thread… that would be enough. the wonder of it all. but they seem to beg to be sewn, woven or hooked. so i just keep going…

  4. Judith

    My oxalis dyed fabric did fade a bit and turned a little brownish; want to see how your marigold fabric turns out. Heating up here too — 107 predicted this week. I hope they’re wrong.

  5. Jen

    Bravely marching forward…in tiny slow steps HA
    The SUN is finally shining today here! I almost forgot what it was like! 😅🌻🌻🌻🌞😎

  6. Victoria Witte

    “Don’t you love not knowing? Paths form. You can take them or not but just that they form is the promise of endless journeys.” I wish I felt that way———

    No, I hate not knowing it’s anxiety provoking. At the moment I am facing a big expanse of empty land. A huge tree had to be taken down, the area is bounded by a street, sidewalk, driveway, and a small strip of grass and the house. A big plot more or less square. Always in the past I have had “something” already in place and planned my flower beds around that “something”. No “something” there now. All I have is the plan to put in a large shade tree probably in the middle, all the rest of the space is up for grabs.

    I find that disconcerting to say the least.

    • jude

      I used to, but there is no knowing really, just going to see…assuming you should or even can know creates the stress. What you knew a moment ago is gone the next.

  7. Love your what if! I think I should add some thread to my Buddleia dye bath. More 80+ weather coming here so I am setting up some more jars for solar dyeing…trying avocado.

  8. roslyn cook

    Love it (the sunflower) and love the moons I purchased. They make me very happy even though I make my own. I will do something with yours that is just for me. Perhaps on some clothing. Thank you

  9. Kristin F

    The promise of endless journeys 💖💖💖 A thought that is destined to stay with me.
    Thanks for another week of inspiration in your posts.

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