jude hill spirit cloth

what if?

Imagining my self

as a Wild Sunflower...

Energy returns when you wake up to 60 degrees.  My coma has subsided.


  1. sharon

    thinking about van gogh’s many self-portraits… perhaps portrayals of his mnay selves. how quickly the weather ‘n our perspective can rearrange.

  2. kirsten

    Amazing how heat can literally suck the energy out of one! The heat is finally subsiding in the midwest with cool nights which are so delightful to wake up to.

  3. Kim

    The heat was debilitating. I just want to hibernate all summer long. Loving the cool mornings. The sunflowers the birds planted are all now fading. Great idea to stitch up some everlasting ones.🌻

    • jude

      It was 59 this morning, I put on a turtleneck and exhaled in a sigh of relief. The garden is confused. The SUNflower has become a bigger symbol lately. I love it. It is centering.

  4. Susan

    I delighted in the thunder, lightening and pouring rain that came overnight here in NC…the garden has sprung up and my spirit too.

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