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Sunflowers are on my mind. Still, but S is a wee bit down the road.  It's a symbol, I added it to the glossary but I will gather my thoughts later. Just  Sunflower then.

Right now it is too hot and I'm having breakfast.

That's right, cookies, I'm going through a phase.

Internet is spotty.  There was a bit of rain yesterday but it only made it more humid. The ground is still dry.  Ants are coming in looking for water.

The indigo is stressed.

Nice print though...

Staying mostly unplugged.  Just need that right now.


  1. CJ

    It’s as if our feathered friends visited the sunflower for their treat as well. Trying more unplug, weekends. Might have missed my first Eastern Indigo sighting. Somehow I’ve relaxed with them especially those endangered and keeping the venomous at bay.

  2. Marguerite Perkins

    I’ve followed you for ages, Jude. Through stormy years -the sickness and deaths of my sister and mother, through the mental health collapse of my adult son/daughter – I love seeing what you are doing, the seasons so noticed ( mine are opposite). Thank you for always picking yourself up and carrying on.
    Your posts are part of my waking up, morning routine. I thought it was time to tell you.
    I’ve just finished stitching a Siddhi inspired quilt to brighten the world, literally. But I see I can’t share a photo here.

  3. I so very much love the pale colors. So calming in a sea of bright hot. Plus I get to ‘see’ things in there…like a walrus-beast head with green tusks and a half of a butterfly attached at the right side…plus the faint impression of glasses underneath that. Now, that was fun!
    I had never heard the word ‘nostepinnes’ either…watched parts of two videos, a guy making one and a lesson on how to wind on one. Interesting.
    As far as cookies…if I could only just stop at one!

  4. Judy

    A friend and I were chatting about our careful eating habits, how we take extra good care of ourselves., pretty much always have. She’d just returned home from visitng her 90 yr old father, cleaning his apartment, encoucraging him to get Medic Alert which he won’t only to have to fly to another state to help clean the house of her mother-in-law who died suddenly and unexpectedly. Venting…she wondered why we’re taking such good care of ourselves? Are we trying to live so long that we can no longer care for ourselves or do our own houseework…or get proper medical care. She told me…eat the beep beep brownies! Or cookies…

  5. the print.

    where i want or Need to go back to going…maybe today will be the day?the Print is extremely Beauty Full to me…a message in plant language, Art of a plant…letting its Essence appear as image …speaking.
    love the print. Very Very Much
    if such a message comes to me, i would draw into it…with it…..
    this is my hope

  6. sharon

    whole milk plain yogie, a few drops of stevia, covered with cinnamon, fresh blueberries ‘n raspberries… just love it when “what if” leads to “why NOT?”

  7. Jeri

    Jude and Ragmates!
    I closed on my new house, it was a torturous journey but it is over and I am so happy!
    I loved Hopelessness is Useless… it kept me going as one delay after another kept us from closing.

    The cookie made me laugh! My first night here, thats what i had for dinner. The realtor gave us a lovely gift basket with a few cookies.
    Oh the joy!

  8. Jen

    At 6 am the air was still, humid, hard to breathe, hard to sleep, I took a nap on the screen porch while thunder grumbled in the distance.
    Suddenly a breeze, time for tea…
    I’m eating a brownie with it.
    Aren’t we a bunch of delinquents!?
    🤣 HAH

  9. “going through a phase” – hahaha. Both are sumptuous sights on this hot morning, the sunflower stitching and the cookie. I’m going swimming later, which I never do except in extreme circumstances!

  10. dessert for breakfast is the best …

    the petals on our Texas sunflowers have long since dried to brown … the color of cookies

    now my tummy is grumbling and I’m thinking I need to whip up a snack batch of cookie dough … because, why not?

  11. Jana

    Lacking stitching knowledge, I have wondered how the sun rays are made and was picturing some else much harder. These in-process creations turned on a light bulb! I may never stitch rays of any kind, but I like seeing the how. It’s the curious in me. Love the sun cookie!

  12. Amy

    I had ice cream for dinner last night–was thrilled to discover it was not plain chocolate, but peanut butter and chocolate! Movers come tomorrow. So. Much. Fabric. And. Thread.

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