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learning seems magnified lately.  I feel like I didn't know anything, does that happen  to you?  Suddenly nothing applies.

The grow cloth gathers new meaning.  I am happy to have it.  To hold and consider.

Recorded on Solstice...

The Grow Diaries will be part of the Forever Zone soon,  as I try to refocus my efforts on detail.  Please note, The Forever Zone has been taken off sale in the shop.  I am changing my mind about how to handle my private pages and so I need time to consider what I am getting myself into.

The click beetles are out,  those are not its eyes.

I think these are why there are no pears.

A new family of gophers is why there are no coneflowers , just the beginning I am sure.

The squirrels dug up the chickpeas.  The sunflowers, well they are all gone.

The grapevine I planted rotted from the root up.

The chipmunks tunneled under the parsley.

There are flowers on the cucumbers.

I am actually really enjoying how it is here.

Watching the goings on from the porch.

And just going.


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  1. Dreamy Jude.
    had to check out those click beetles…and no I don’t think it is too nice to make them jump for my entertainment (jus’ sayin’)

  2. Pat Cooper

    I find that I circle round things. Beading gets put away for a while, then gets pulled out and is like “new” again. Same with embroidery, stitching, felting, it is all cyclical. That knowledge is sometimes all that keeps me going.

  3. I haven’t noticed any particular bugs around my pear tree. What I have noticed is that it tends to be an every other year producer. I don’t know if it’s a pear thing, or an Oregon thing, or what. Last year we had a bountiful crop. This year I had to look hard to find any pears growing. Bad weather might affect this. A dry wet season cuts production, as will weather too cold for the bees to be out. Neither of those was an issue this year. But this year we have more blueberries, so it’s okay.

    • Jude

      The tree was getting too much shade so we had some trimming done and also it has some kind of mold but beyond that who knows? Will keep trying to make it happy.

  4. Judith

    When I was 15 I knew everything, but the older I got the less I know.
    Gardening with critters is most challenging; I wish you luck. Plant lots of rosemary and lavender.

  5. sharon

    the stitched triangles reminded me of tiny garden elves, hiding in the dark, with only their hats (and eyeballs) seen. my imagination seems magnified lately.

  6. Marti

    Walking to my little grapevine to do my 5 min of Trust Meditation, a Thurs. ritual from grace, I thought of how I felt I had lost my mojo re dyeing cloth; had not felt the urge for a long time and then it came back last week. As I stilled myself, I felt a communal and enveloping calmness. Looking at the tiny grape bunch, the green leaves, a whisper came…honor this time.

    When I went back inside, I was astounded to see that 15 min had gone by. Into my cloth stash I went, the “returning” mojo cloth, dyed with assorted compost offerings, sumac leaves, etc. gave me various shades of green and even a few spots of turquoise, no doubt in part to the copper cloth that heated the cloth for a short time. How trusting in the sense that my “mojo” would return…that my favorite but elusive dye color, green will make its presence known and most of all, trust that a cloth will become…
    AND it did and I call it my Trust cloth.. Once stitched, it will hang next to the grapevine.

  7. Some days I feel like I get new insights coming quickly. Other days I feel stuck in the same-old same-old. “Just going” seems to even things out, so helpful.

  8. Louise

    The solstice is my time to start new projects. I hadn’t intended to this year, being up to my neck in stuff already, but walking out on the cliffs in the early morning on the longest day inspired me to begin something new. Already the self destructive voices are telling me I’m rubbish, but I’m persevering. You are a great encouragement Jude x

  9. Nancy D

    I walk almost every day…just to go a-wandering. I take photos, closeups. By making my World smaller, it seems to magically enlarge!

  10. deemallon

    I read “the learning seems magnificent lately.” I think it fits. It’s interesting how radiating outward fortifies the center.

  11. Jana

    Growing outward to find nourishment…I think that’s what my heart is trying to do.

    The voracious appetites of the summer garden…so much activity above and below…another dimension.

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